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Alphonso Clayson, known as turtle for his fortifying abilities, is a "jack of all trades" type of person, He runs a village named Skóglendi Holur where he produces beers and wheatbeers. Early in his life he had lived in the town of hightide where he worked as a explorer for the F.C.A., while on a break from his exploring he started messing around making alcohols in his basement. As the years went by he left hightide in search of a new home, he eventually found his way in the northern forests of Prospit, where he then founded the town of skóglendi holur with 2 of his close friends, within 3 days the town was fully fortified with a farm big enough for one harvest to last the entire winter, as of late a mage's tower has been built. As well as a brewery, an arena, and a training ground.