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ResidenceSouthern Gaushan
OrganizationPact of the Immortal Blood
Known forEnforcing Arcadian defence, Leading and rebuilding Ashina, Working for P.I.B

Twyst, also known as Twist or Twisted, is a widely known player across Alathra. He is infamous for his ability to strike fear into the hearts of people via his mastery in combat, often winning almost every duel he is in. Large powerful empires and bloodthirsty warlords have paid him exorbitant amounts of money to stay out of wars, knowing his destructive capability. Few specific details or motivations are known about Twyst but he generally worked in the mercenary field, fighting for a good price and a challenging fight. Recently however; Twyst was invited to the infamous Pact of Immortal Blood, a merciless group of powerful players who have been known to meddle in the political affairs of Alathra. It is unknown what he intends to do now.


The Beginning

Despite not knowing this himself Twyst was actually a guardian of a nation that went by the name of “Scotlandia” and eventually the world’s antagonist. He realised that people were weak and believed peace was the main issue to this. So following his twisted ideals he formed a group of people just like him that would aid in his mission of creating a stronger world. This group was made up of Twyst himself, Aeon (his right hand man), Stixelot (strategist and designer) and EndlessChronos (the architect).

The Plan

The angry coup uniting against Starline

After a few months of preparation and strategising the perfect plan had started to take action, this plan involved Twyst infiltrating a nation called “Starlandia” and with some persuasion it was successful as he had joined their ranks and even obtained an official passport. The main goal was to get the nation to go to war with another by the name of “The Desert Jewels” which would lead to a coup d’etat within the country in result of its members assuming their leader “Starline” was the reason why it had started. While Twyst was making his way up the ranks he had instructed Aeon to keep tabs on the Desert Jewels while having Stix and Chronos work on the main base of operations. After a week Twyst had managed to become a high ranking in their military by pretending to be a spy. He would go on to fake an espionage on the Desert Jewels and lie to Starline by informing him that they were planning on taking over the nation, Starline fell for this trick rather easily as both he and the leader of the Desert Jewels (Celest) were both on bad terms. Since Starlandia started preparing for a fake take-over Twyst unknown to Starline was also informing Celest that Starlandia was preparing to take-over their nation instead and due to the evidence taken of them preparing for what they assumed was a siege on their country Celest had fallen for it and rallied up troops to defend his nation. A month had passed and both sides were at the verge of war without any suspicion on the double agent within their ranks. Twyst and Aeon told Starline to attack early as to get the jump on them before a fake Desert Jewel siege was going to happen and then they both informed Celest to prepare somewhere in order to be at an advantageous position. Finally a battle had begun however in order to get a coup to start, Starlandia would have to lose and so with a surprise to everyone, Twyst, Aeon, Chronos and Stix popped out from behind the desert’s pillars and quickly eliminated the betrayed Starlandian forces. While Starline was retreating back, Twyst’s group was rallying up a bunch of Starlandia’s citizens by telling them “their nation was going to fall because of their incompetent and selfish leader.” This angered and fuelled the people and by the time Starline had arrived back to his base, there waiting was an entire army of furious Starlandian citizens, Desert Jewel warriors and Twyst with his operators waiting and pointing up weapons towards him. Starline’s life was sparred in return of him being dethroned.

A Last Ditch Effort

After the successful plan was completed Twyst had realised that this event would produce the opposite effect he had wanted, people were beginning to see peace and no more wars or conflict would seem to occur. His final and grand plan would now start to move into effect as a last ditch effort to see the tougher world he had envisioned. On the 1st of February the first ever elections for a mayor of the Spawn region was being held and so Twyst had decided to run for mayorship. In order for people to come together and unite he assumed the best method of achieving this would be to create a strong enough antagonist in the realm that would force people to call arms. So with that in mind he made ominous and unfavourable statements like “Once I become mayor you will all start to see order, I will make an obsidian wall that is as tall as the clouds and as thick as the mountains around our region.” As well as “I will introduce taxes to cleanse out those that cannot sustain themselves or others and this money will be used to what I personally think benefits me.” Many doubted him to be elected with statements like this and they would have been right if Twyst had not already rigged the votes. A few hours later the votings were counted and it was announced that Twyst had won. Construction of the obsidian wall had begun, the poor were kicked out, roads were transformed into soul sand paths and depression was at an all time high. As all the pieces were falling into place an unfortunate factor was seeming to not take place, everyone was too afraid to go against Twyst and his anger to this was building up.
Twyst in his infamous "curse of binding armour" before the final duel

The Final Fight

Aeon, his right hand man and longest friend had started to realise that Twyst’s plans were always successful in action but never in results. He also worried that he was going to go too far and create a wasteland of despair. So a month later Aeon went to a floating arena that the group had made for training and asked Twyst to meet him there, after his arrival Aeon had went on to express his feelings and anger towards Twyst and so tensions were beginning to build up to the point of them both agreeing to fight to the death. Knowing Twyst would never walk around or visit anywhere undergeared Aeon had brought every potion and took available for him. They both stood in silence staring at each other from either side with only the whispers of the soul speed boots rubbing across the soul sand. This silence was then broken by three potions that were splashed above Aeon’s and another three on Twyst’s helmet. In a blink of an eye they both sped across to one another running on the obsidian and soul flooring with swords clashing against one another and totems popping left and right. Aeon quickly grabbed a respawn anchor and two glow stone clusters from his arsenal and attempted to blow it up in front of Twyst, however due to Twyst teaching Aeon how to use it as a weapon the first time they met, he had jumped back and dodged it and in return pulled out a Crystal, blowing it up as soon as Aeon got near and causing him to fly into the air and land back down on his spine, heavily wounded Aeon couldn’t get back up and to both of them it appeared to be the end. Twyst walked up and looked down on him dead in the eyes, he raised his arm to land the final killing blow but seeing Aeon’s face in fear and sadness he hesitated for a second, remembering all that they accomplished together and their friendship that made everything possible. Aeon took advantage of this valuable second he had and swiftly used up all his remaining strength to thrust his blade into Twyst’s chest. The force and pain knocked him back onto the floor, blood was seeping through the soul sand and his vision was fading, memories started to flash once again through Twyst’s mind and after a brief moment of silence he passed out, bringing an end to his reign and finally, his life.



Not much is known of what Twyst's life was like before his summoning in Alathra. Prior to the current events all that he has recorded is stated in a book that he had written documenting the experience in shift from his own world to this new one. "I remember the subtle pain in my chest, my dear friend's sword had pierced my body, it had pierced my soul. My vision was fading. Flashes. Until eventually I had fully given in and blacked out, I expected to see a bright light, or rather the fiery pits of hell, but no, as I opened up my eyes I was laying on a shore with the sun's warmth blanketing my body and the sand's grains cushioning my head. I did not question how or why or when I had arrived here, all I knew was that in my conscious this was a beginning to a new story, a new journey that someone had written into a page, a page in a book of my new life."

The Homo-Town War

Preperation of the defenders before the siege on Homo-Town by Elyrian Forces
Twyst joined the server on August 15th, 2021. It is rumored he came from another realm with some similarities to Alathra. Shortly after arriving, he fought in the Defense of Homo Town siding with Ashina. Lead by the Elder Shepiscle, the Ashinian army of minutemen charged into battle against the Grand Army of Elyria where they were quickly slaughtered and outmatched by the more battle hardened Gaushan Soldiers. Notably, a suspected friend of Twyst “ukxs” fought courageously, holding off many of the Elyrian soldiers single handedly, some say he was using the elusive Concentrated Bee Honey but this is unconfirmed. Other notable players known to be connected to Twyst in some way were “ICeleste”, now Mayor of Peachfield and “Albania”, now Prince of Spadecrown. Twyst himself, though a proficient fighter, was taken aback by the Elyrians’ seemingly God-like abilities to smash through armor and effortlessly rip soldier’s weapons right from their hands but it wouldn’t be long until he learned of how to acquire these powers and how to wield them better than the Elyrians ever did. This sheer display of power and ability by Elyria to cut down his friends one by one would sow within Twyst a deep desire for vengeance and power and is believed to be one of his few clear motivations. Following the devastating defeat at Homo Town, Twyst disappeared from the server for a while with few realizing the great impacts he would eventually come to have on Alathra as a whole in the future.
Twyst's old house in the town of Frost Walker

Return to Alathra

Around September 17th, 2021, Twyst reappeared on the server and joined the capital of ArcadiaWahat Almarjan” where he resided for around a week. Shortly after this, Arcadia bought most of Southada’s territory, leading to it’s dissolution as a political entity. With this purchase came the acquisition of the village of Winterhallow (now Eldia) and the jewel of the great southern nation “Frost Walker” (now Coldfront). The problem was, Arcadia lacked any willing citizens to take up the mayor role in Frost Walker, however; knowing it’s quality of being an excellent training ground for warriors, Twyst stepped up to the task. From there, Twyst quickly became a very pivotal citizen of Arcadia as he had begun to deeply study the true nature of the skills that the Elyrians had used against him and his companions at the devastation of Homo Town. He would then devote a great amount of time to training his skills, fighting hordes of meager undead foes that lurked on the rough icey plains of the surrounding area. Eventually, after a massive amount of training, Twyst found himself capable of piercing armour with only a few strikes, stealing weapons from enemies hands, pin pointing weak spots in archery shots and even inflicting harder hits with the strike of his sword, much more than people who could already do this. No other player besides Thaeorn had ever even come close to these kinds of overall strength and yet he had done it. Twyst had effectively become a demi-god, able to cut through enemies like they were nothing. His own bare fists were lethal to kill an armored person in a few hits. He had surpassed what the Elyrians were, he had reached a new plain of power, one that almost no other Alathran had actualized.

Mayorship of Peachfield

Arcadian renovations within Peachfield's castle after the purchase of the town

Around late October of 2021, the beginning of the end of the famed Elyrian Empire was marked by the merge between it and the relatively new nation, Stahlfaust, forming the seemingly powerful but ultimately weak state of "Stahlfaust-Elyria". From there, the empire began to crumble as members left and or grew inactive with the true final blow being during the second great war where Stahlfaust and Elyria broke up and solo Elyria was dealt multiple devastating defeats by the Second Entente. This all eventually lead to Peachfield being sold to the Arcadian Altanate, of which the money used for this purchase was namely provided by Ausgint, Raistron, and Twyst_, the latter of all would become the new mayor of the now dethroned capital. This was the ultimate sign of true domination, that Twyst had become the lord of the very capital which had defeated him and his friends in the very beginning of his time on Alathra, he had conquered Elyria's red apple and brought it under a new flag.

Empireship of Ashina

Around the end of December 2021, Twyst grew bored of living within Peachfield’s castle walls, despite having a tremendous amount of land and a more than reliable source of constant income it still did not feel right to him, as if he believed that there was more opportunity and purpose out in the world. After a few days of planning Twyst decided to talk to a principle of Alathra’s history and a well known leader of the great nation of Ashina, this man was KnightOfNotch and he would grant Twyst the chance to accomplish much more than already achieved. Twyst with a rare smile on his face had accepted it and left his former nation, the Arcadian Altanate, from there he moved onto the Northern East continent and would begin to work endlessly to construction up a town from the ground up, this town would go by the name of Suijin and much to everyone’s surprise had become the main capital of Ashinian Nation when Twyst was handed down the title of Emperor. Feeling bad for Ashina’s stagnant activity and it’s unfortunate slipping off the world stage he had conducted a project and plan to rebuild this once great empire and thanks to the connections he had already, influence, dedication and cooperation of the Ashinian people the nation started to see growth, the continent started to see life and the world started to see a miracle. A lot say that a man by the name of Stixelot had a major impact on the construction and designing side of the project as he has built most of the shops and houses within the town of Suijin. A few blissful weeks flew by as more and more accomplishments and growth had started to stack with the creation of 3 new towns, recruitment of 16 new Ashinians and the reclaim of an old town that went by the name of Redna and even the reuniting of ex-ashnians by the names of ImmaNotScope and Lixionit who ran the towns of Faron and New Ashina City, however with that more thoughts on a lack of purpose made their way into Twyst’s head, owning Peachfield did not feel right to him and now neither has running one of Alathra’s most influential and important nations so with that an end to Twyst’s rule was witnessed once he decided enough was done to help the prior leader get him and his nation back on their feet. Packing shulkers and carrying equipment Twyst left on a journey in search of the one thing that could make him feel whole.

Training within Ashina

Within Twyst’s period of recruitment in Ashina and on his way to the town of High Ashina he had stumbled across a pair of Ashinian samurais and noticed their level of discipline and skill in what looked to be like a sword training session, in doing so Twyst had decided to take it upon himself to go up and ask them what they were doing, and more importantly if he could take part. Walking up to Twyst in their Kimono’s and Bamboo sticks in hand they informed him that it was called “Kendo”, a form of Ashinian martial arts training and the individual tutoring was temporarily in replacement for a man that goes by the name of RipeSack. After gladly accepting Twyst in and making him go through several gruelling months of training a new bond was created between him and the Ashinian people as well as their military. Not only did Twyst learn multiple new movements and methods of sword fighting including the flexibility of adapting with smaller or larger blades but he was taught the Samurai Code “Bushido” giving him a more devoted, disciplined and courageous attitude to warfare and life in general. For this he was awarded a blade which was as black as night, it was held up by a slightly lighter handle and circular hilt with a hint of pure gold which was retrieved from the fiery hells of the nether. It was a midnight dark katana, an 'okatana' to be exact. It's hue blended perfectly within the shade of his cloak and it granted speed and precision with long circular slashes, furthmore assisting him in combat for time to come and can be considered one of several of his iconic weapons that would spill blood in combat. He would call this the 'Black Muramasa'.

Path of the cloak-and-dagger

Portrait of Twyst in common P.I.B robes (art by Alvin Flang)

During his travels and search for a purpose Twyst had heard rumours from his mutuals that used to work with him on Mercenary jobs that there settled an infamous league of assassins which were stationed down south on the continent of Gaushan, the same continent which the town of Peachfield stood. After an overtaxing effort of travel which took several days through the blistering cold tundra and Tiagas he had finally located their base of operations, a hooded shadowy individual stood there with a cloak that that blew back and forth from the intense freezing winds. This individual would be the Archon of the guild and Twyst’s recruiter, his name was VonDaConMon but he preferred to refer to him as just “Von”. No one knows why or how Twyst was able to join the group so easily but for one thing everyone knew of their name, they were called the Pact Of the Immortal Blood.

Current activities within the Pact Of the Immortal Blood

The announcement made displaying the revival of P.I.B (art by Alvin Flang)

During his time in P.I.B, Twyst was exposed to the combat techniques that the Archon of the group (VonDaConMon) used during his assassinations and conflict encounters. Twyst learned to use these himself and implemented his own moves into them to create his own style of fighting, this salvaged the mercenary and outnumbered situation techniques Twyst was used to and was mixed in with the more refined assassin tricks to create a method of fighting that was both lethal and versatile as well as swift but less flashy. During his earlier hits he attempted these on the targets but unfortunately due to it being a new form of fighting that was not as memorable as his last, the target he was assigned of eliminating managed to barely get away into safety, this was target was the man known as Melevor. A blunder like this struck Twyst to the point of great anger but was quickly defused by the samurai code that he had learned from his time in Ashina which helped control his inner rage, the code of respecting those that have gotten away from his grasp on their own, so he decided to not do another attempt on the nation leader’s life and allow him to live. Proceeding from this event a thought entered his mind. During the failed attempt the only reason Melevor was able to barely escape a brutal death was the fact that the sword Twyst had used was too short to slow to land the final slash on him. This ignited the idea on a new weapon which would have the length of a sword, the strength of an axe but the speed that would outdo both. This weapon would be a scythe which contained great and unholy power. His question to construct such an item would begin.

Obtaining the Twysted Fang

The Twysted Fang (art by Alvin Flang)

The continent of Ashina was what he believed to be the perfect place to start, Twyst knew this since at the time of his period of temporary rule over both the continent and its nation he had heard of untouched materials within the caves walls that littered the lands. It only took a few days of mining and a few more of successfully smelting to acquire the amount of diamonds he needed, this was not enough however since regular weapons used this same exact material. Mixing in different durable materials with the diamonds would be the plan in order to achieve the properties such an item needed. Yet again he had heard rumours of a new level of rock and gems that lay hidden beneath what was originally believed to be the deepest one could mine, and so Twyst travelled to the Far Eastern continent of Prospit which was under Ashina, the same place that began this quest. After several months of exhausting and excruciating mining in the hardest rock layer deep deep below Prospit’s surface a crack of white stone was seen through the rough hard deepslate after the last hack of his pickaxe. Further in Twyst noticed the colour of mystical purple that had surrounded him as if it was gently engulfing anything that entered. This beauty would be the amethyst geode that would supply him with all the shards needed to mend into the scythe, it would also act as a calming agent to his psyche as it is believed this gem helps those manage their fear and anger and the said weapon he was about to create would undoubtedly contain all unimaginable negative emotions. Finally the last and most important content would be the pure coal that was collected during a meteorite exposition, luckily for him he collected one before they suddenly stopped pouring from the skies one day, this pure coal would replace the process of needing to add the estimated 10 netherite ingots as a single piece of pure coal was 10 times stronger. The journey back to the bunker of P.I.B was relaxing as the hardest parts were done but in its entirety, the mission was not done yet. Twyst put all the materials together on a smooth blackstone table and looked at his old ally and good friend Stixelot in the eye, all he muttered was “you know what to do”. The longest 4 days of his life was constant clanging, clinging, heat and smelting, this had passed until eventually the weapon, the solution to his biggest and most troublesome hurdle had been created. The scythe that would grant the ability to match his physical capabilities in combat and even capture and store the despair of his victims seconds before their death as it was fuelled by Twyst’s pure malice and was only balanced out by the amethyst shards that were forged into the blade. He would call this item 'Twysted Fang' and it would be the key that opened the door which blocked him from further success on assassinations and fights alike alongside the 'Black Muramasa'.

The Second Crusaders war

An image sent by Tilly, displaying the Eldian's in their bunkers

Following the forging of his signature weapon, Twyst was contacted by Keypeer about acting as a mercenary in the then upcoming Pater Carnis Conflict against the Ceiltean Crusaders who intended to wreak havoc upon Ra'thra's temple. Initially, Twyst turned down this offer as he no longer was in the mercenary business, nor did he want to get involved with a conflict he had little relation to. However; upon seeing nations with flimsy connections to Arith, namely Eldia (now Legion), were getting involved on the side of the crusaders, Twyst took pity on those in the temple and decided to join their side to prevent a 'dogpiling' of Pater Carnis. Immediately after joining, both the Ceiltean Crusaders and the Eldian Soldiers hid away in their bunkers, too afraid to even dare and try to fight an assassin with so much blood to his name. Twyst intentionally killed Eldians primarily as to pressure the UCCR (now Solaris) to get Eldia to exit the conflict as he felt their involvement was unneeded. Despite his success, Twyst felt he couldn't hold down the entire conflict singlehandedly so he contact his many friends within the city of Vyzia who agreed to assist him in aiding Pater Carnis. Eventually, after the UCCR and Eldia were making virtually zero progress with their war against Pater Carnis, Twyst contacted Eternal Leader Melevor, proposing that if they were to force Eldia to leave the conflict, Twyst and the Vyzians would exit as well. This plan was successful and Eldia was made to leave the war and per agreement, Twyst and the Vyzians did as well. This event, though only lasting about a day or two, puts to near full display of Twyst's power. Not only does his strength come in the form of his savvy with combat skills but also it is shown through how he is able to wield fear like a weapon. Twyst takes advantage of this fear and uses it force his foes' hands.

Personal Beliefs

Politics tend to bore Twyst greatly, he finds anything to be fine as long as decisions made are fast and with minimal argument. He also lacks morals and even more so after joining P.I.B, with only a certain few he truly cares for or finds tolerable enough to respect and never harm.

Personal Opinions on Notable People

-Glider Fraemani of Arcadia

“Sir Glider Fraemani, it was you who sheltered me in my early days and gifted me with the chance to stand up on my own two feet in this new world. Everytime I look at you… you remind me of an old and trusted friend I used to have, even if it’s very vivid I see himself within you and for that I will always be on your side even if things look rough. I swear I will never go against you.”

-Aurelius of Haven

“A man of true dedication and impressive physical structure. I remember encountering him once assuming he was a statue within the town’s beautiful architecture, so I was surprised to next see him move and talk to the locals. Aurelius is both impressive as a warrior as he is a leader, for one thing I do not care whether you choose the path to good or bad but my appreciation to witness your efforts on getting there have caught my interest, which has also earned my respect.”

-KnightofNotch and Iman Scope

“Elder Notch and Iman Scope, you both had entered my lives at the perfect moment, I thought at first you were searching for someone like me but in reality I was hit with the fact that I was indeed the one searching for someone like you. Your wisdom and knowledge both opened up new doors in my journey, especially the unique breathing tricks and meditation exercises that’s assisted me in beating the rage which commonly builds up inside me. I owe you both.”

The Search for a Reason

Twyst has always believed he lacked a true purpose in the world of Alathra, his attempt to accomplish great things or surpass people or things has shown no sign in giving him the answers, and so he is constantly on the move and challenging himself looking for those same answers. One day hopefully finding them.


With an almost slim and night black appearance many Alathrans suspect Twyst to be a voidling or at least related to them. However this is not the case as that is all he shares in similarities. His true figure and personality is a physical representation of his previous self, a literal shadow of what Twyst was in his original realm before arriving to alathra, with the black representing how much evil he had within him before landing on Alathra and the little bit of white representing the minor amount of justice and good that resides inside.


Art by IzzyBlueJay

The Blade of Bunger

A rather short and straight blade made of an unknown wood which appears to have a magical property of being more durable than even the strongest metals to the point of being nearly indestructible. Due to its light weight and sharp double edged blade Twyst tends to use it for swift hit and runs or clearing groups of low armoured opponents. The very few who manage to witness this relic in action have rumoured that it has the blessing of providing the user an immense amount of speed into their arm and wrist in order to pull off several swings in less than a second.

Art by IzzyBlueJay

⚍リʖ∷ᒷᔑꖌ╎リ⊣ ╎リ⎓╎リ╎ℸ ̣ ||

⎓ᔑᓭℸ ̣ ᒷ∷ ᓭ∴╎リ⊣ᓭ ℸ ̣ ⍑ᔑリ ᓭ!¡ᒷᒷ↸ ╎ℸ ̣ ᓭᒷꖎ⎓

The Black Hexblade

A sword of unknown origin, it was donated by an anonymous but powerful investor to P.I.B. With its slim, jet black structure and gilded grip it offers great reliability and concealability for Twyst, however what makes this weapon stand out is its power that's relative to its counterpart, the Yellow Hexblade, setting those that are unfortunate enough to be struck by its blade to physically set ablaze for almost forever unless water is applied.

Art by IzzyBlueJay

⎓╎∷ᒷ ᔑᓭ!¡ᒷᓵℸ ̣  リ╎リᒷℸ ̣ ||-リ╎リᒷ

ʖ⚍∷リᓭ ⎓𝙹∷ ᒷℸ ̣ ᒷ∷リ╎ℸ ̣ ||

The Triple Threat

This uniquely small and tactical crossbow has been carefully constructed of the most black dark oak wood illegally lumbered just south of Kais Kogong in the so called mystical Kogongi forest. It’s string was collected from the common spiders that would appear near the same town’s library late at night. Using the unusual books inside the library, he had binded their knowledge into the newly formed crossbow granting it the ability to fire 3 arrows in one shot. This is Twyst’s ideal use of weaponry in inflicting opponents with effects at range using tipped arrows that would weaken and hinder their strength or speed.


  • Before the second Great War Twyst was apart of a mercenary company that went by the name of ‘The Vanguards’, this consisted of Reynold, KindOfTiger, Byve and Harrison.
  • Even though Twyst is usually right handed he prefers to use his left hand for weapons during combat.
  • Despite being impressive in combat he is not a very hefty or muscular person, Twyst makes up for this by using a technique that utilises his speed to circle around opponents while inflicting a flurry of strikes.
  • Since he had settled on the frozen town of Frost Walker and eventually the southern tundra of Gaushan, Twyst has gotten so used to the cold that he can now even withstand sub zero temperatures with barely any clothing, however he cannot stand warmer temperatures.
  • Twyst's favourite drink is black tea, however he is also allergic to cookies for an unknown reason.
  • Due to almost being killed in a bar while he was drunk after a war, Twyst never likes drinking and will never except alcohol as a gift.

Notable Artistic Renditions

IzzyBlueJay Commissions

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