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TylxrMD is a Rednan born walrus, he is currently the king of Ardeneux, a small nation in West Anglia.

Early Beginnings

This is the town TylxrMD was born, and grew up in. Redna.

TylxrMD begun his journey on Alathra as Theodmer, at the time, Duke of Redna greeted him and showed him around. He told TylxrMD about a great town called Redna, Tyler quickly fell in love with Redna and joined the town. Very quickly Tyler gained the trust of Theodmer, as he was handed the title of Chief Builder along with his new found friend AshtonCrowfield. Tyler took part in many architectural activities, such as designing the Black Keep, building the farm, and building his own house in Redna. He was also given a job opportunity in Qarth, in the Fossores Republic. He designed and built the towns walls and the tower for a hefty pay. He then met a man called Megadalon, who told him about prosperous unclaimed fields in West Anglia, which he said Tyler could easily make a kingdom on. Having already thought about this, he decided to take his opportunity and left Theodmer a note of resignation, which resulted in a meeting about the future of our friendships and current affairs.

This is Charmont, the town he left Redna to create.


Tyler then went on to create his nation, Ardeneux, with his first town, Charmont. His friend AshtonCrowfield also joined him on this new adventure, as they spend most of their time together being architects and designing houses, and even future palaces and a new entertainment district that they've publicly announced that they're going to proceed to construct. The nation is going to be a semi-constitutional monarchy, with a prime-minister and a royal family, only exception is that parliament will consist of just the royal family. The nation was placed on the continent of West Anglia, becoming friends with many nations, such as Estea, N.F.R and Encavia.