United Democratic Copium Faction

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The United Democratic Copium Faction of Arcadia, UDCF for short was a political party in the Arcadian Altanate.



The UDFC was founded by Nycomar, the Owl from the Owlforest and Tilly Angolmois, because there where no other parties in the Arcadian Altanate which wanted to establish a Democratic Arcadian Republic.


After the Eldian seccession, the UDCF was dissolved, because one of their goals, the independence of Eldia, was achieved.


Party program

  • More equality and autonomy of the Arcadian provinces
  • Establishment of a new, mixed voting system for the Holy Senate of Arcadia
  • Legalisation of Copium

Unofficial goals

  • Transformation of the Arcadian Altanate into a Republic
  • Independence of Teufort/Eldia


Heads of the Party

  • Nycomar, the Owl from the Owlforest
  • Tilly Angolmois

Other members

  • Karl_the_Door
  • Yellowstarline