Unity-Luton Pyhrria War

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The Unity-Luton Pyrrhia war was fought over multiple days.

Unity-Luton Pyrrhia War
DateSeptember 5th, 2021
Western Arith, Forstwalker, Elyria,
Result Decisive Pyrrhian victory
  • The breakup of Unity-Luton
  • Belligerents
    Commanders and leaders
    10-14 Fighters 3-6 Fighter


    Unity-unending and The Grand dutchy of Luton Merged on September 4th to form The Kingdom of Unity-Luton. The system of governance was proposed by Gbhm2 to Hawlmgames as a dual monarchy with both of the former leaders sharing power in the nation, along with a small council. The two former nations were split up in Arith, and thus both kings agreed on a campaign to unify the western part of Arith. The first target was the inactive and presumed dead nation of Pyrrhia.

    The war begins

    Gbhm2 had very good relations with Phyyria's northern city, BaSingSe and in turn he was confident of them joining Unity-Luton. Unfortunately for Gbhm2 BaSingSe was offline for the majority of the war, and unification talks could not be held. On the 5th of September Unity-Luton declared war on Pyrrhia, expecting the nation to be an easy conquest because of it being so inactive. Unknown to both kings of Unity-Luton mercenaries from Elyria seemingly out of no-where joined the side of Pyrrhia. _SHS, Spainard , and Shinyspace had asked for a sped up war to be held, and Gbhm2 and Hawlmgames agreed to this. On the night of September 5th all Unity-Luton forces gathered on Sun Harvest's newly constructed wall, with every fighter being organized into a squad to either hold the siege flag, or attack head on. Spainard almost immediately betrayed the Unified army, riding ahead on his horse and harrassed the attackers as they approached Pyrrhus. Before Gbhm2 could place down the seige banner, all of the Elyrian mercenaries, including 2 Pyrrhian defenders had charged at them, and used hit and run tactics to drain the attackers armor. Soon after the Pyrrhian charge, the Unified army broke ranks, and scattered, only the soldiers in the best gear survived. Almost immediately the Unified army's attack on Pyrrhus had failed seemingly, with Gbhm2 ordering a full retreat to better positions. After the disaster that was the battle of Pyrrhus, Harrison_Wells stayed back, single-handedly holding off the defenders until he lured them back into the northern capital of Unity-Luton, Sun Harvest In this is where the battle turned, Harrison_wells used tnt bombing tactics to destroy the defenders, as Gbhm2 and Hawlmgames ordered a full charge at the attackers, one by one they slowly died off, and the battle spanning two cities was a victory for Unity-Luton 

    The phony peace talks

    After the First Battle of Sun Harvest. all Elyrian mercenaries agreed to surrender to the Unified army. Unitatis was chosen to hold the peace talks. In the meeting hall of Unitatis the mercenaries officially surrendered, and the war seemed to be won for Unity-Luton The terms stated that; all gear is to be returned to all sides, and Pyrrhia will be annexed into Unity-Luton. However, many armor pieces and tools were missing from the peace talks, and no one knows where they went, if either side lied about having less armor than they really did. Spainard was the only mercenary not to surrender. He continued to harrass the peace talks by attacking the people outside, and forcing negotiations to be halted to deal with him. Spainard was not welcome to Unitatis any longer. In return Spainard lied to Chickenprism about the Unified army killing him at peacetalks, and hired Chickenprism as a body guard to accompany him. As soon as Spainard returned to Unitatis, he was killed. However, Chickenprism attacked the Unitatis guards, and Harrison_wells and Gbhm2 chased after him, eventually killing him. Only after he had killed an AFK imtiredblue. Gbhm2 asked chicken for Imtiredblue's armor in return for his own, but Chickenprism denied his offer, and said he wanted 2 sets of netherite, which no one had. Chickenprism joined the war against Unity-Luton

    The fight goes global

    In return for Spainards harrassment at the peacetalks the next day, Gbhm2 called for him to come to Unitatis which he did. In Unitatis Gbhm2 asked him to formally surrender and pay for the damages done to the Unified army. Spainard simply teleported away. Enraged Gbhm2 went to his town and murdered Spainard. All fighters agreed for the next battle to take place later that day, September 6th. No one on the Unity-Luton side knew what Chickenprism had brought to the table in terms of numbers and armor. During the buildup to the fight, a public mob grinder that had been used by both sides became a point of conflict when Gbhm2 and Byve attacked Chickenprism at the grinder. Chicken told the two that, "If that's how you want to play, we will raid too." throughout the day each side raided the others towns, with the Unified army losing a set of netherite as a result of the raids.

    The second battle of Sun Harvest, and first battle of Unitatis

    The second battle of the war was fought almost exclusively at Sun Harvest, although minor battles were fought at Unitatis, Frostwalker, and smaller towns around Arith. 1death39 joined the war for Unity-Luton. The battle started off with Attune Chickenprism and Spainard attacking Sun Harvest the Unified army retreated into the castle on the hill, waiting for a plan to be made. Eventually a plan was made by 1death39 which involved all netherite/maxed diamond soldiers pushing out of the castle and targeting Attune The plan failed miserably as the Unified army was slowly chipped away, and only few made it out alive. After the main battle wwas over, [[Attune stayed behind invisible, while 1death39 tried to kill him with invis and harming potions. The war again went across multiple continents when Gbhm2 went to repair his armor at the mob grinder, but quickly left as the Elyrian mercenaries were coming for him, small scale battles were fought all around, while Sun Harvest was left. After many hard fought battles, the Elyrian mercenaries came out on-top. Hawlmgames surrendered his part of Unity-Luton While Gbhm2 took some of his best fighters to raid the Elyrian mercenaries towns, killing a few of them. However, the raids were futile in changing the war effort, and the final sieges began. The mercenaries began their siege of Sun Harvest while Gbhm2 and his band of fighters continued to try to change the tide of the war. Morale was at an all time low, with Gbhm2 himself finally admitting defeat when the seige of Unitatis began. The new seige was a short lived one, as the defenders were overwhelmed by repeated hit and run attacks, and finally, the war was lost for Unity-Luton. While grinding at Frostwalker to mend his armor, Gbhm2 was jumped and killed by the mercenaries, finally losing his netherite set which had survived the entire war, and the last drop of his morale. Gbhm2 got off out of frustration, but returned shortly after to talk to his adversaries, where Chickenprism and Attune finally got the last resistance to surrender to them.


    The result of this war was the breakup of Unity-Luton along with many alliances broken, and treaties cheated. This war completely destroyed the southern half of Unity Luton with Invictus leaving the nation, followed shortly after by New Slavbard.