Unnamed Shroomian Child

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The Child sprouted from Kangy's corpse in 10 PGW (Post Great War), It is not known for anything.


Early Life

After kangy's body was buried in jotunstan he began to decay and spore, Eventually the Shroomian child emerged from his body and ran north of Jotunstan. It stayed in the forests of koganon for months surviving off of berries and ferns, one day the child had an encounter with megadalon in the forests, megadalon promptly Captured the child and took it to stahlfaust and began to train it too fight. It stayed in Staulfast with Megadalon for about 6 months honing its skills. After Megadalon moved too Haven he entrusted a traveling caravan with smuggling the child from stahlfaust to Haven, On its way to Haven the child fell out of one of the wagons and gets left behind on Gaushan.

The Shulker Helmet

The Shulker Helmet was a special armor piece forged from shulker shells, it was constructed by krevor during the Great war and was used by various members of Knights of Sol. The Helmet was well known within Knights of Sol troops for having incredible durability and various magical abilities, the helmet allowed the user to teleport within a short range and levitate for short amounts of time. Although the Helmet was was strong it was unpredictable and would commonly activate its magical abilities when the user didn't intend to causing many users to die in the midst of battle. After years of the helmet being lost the Unnamed Shroomian child comes across it in the ruins of Renova and took it.

Physical Appearance

The Child is currently 18 inches tall and there appearance is similar too most Shroomians, but unlike others it resembles blue fungus from the nether and appears to be stronger than most Shroomians, this may be due to him being born on Alathra instead of Barium.