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Jósepr was born in the town of Pyke Halfrland, His mother Unknown and his father Hárkonungr were currently the owners of Halfrland, as Jósepr was first in line to the throne he had a pretty lavish lifestyle and got into magic at the age of 7, As he grew older he got himself a loving wife named Åse Rendal Hvithar and eventually had 2 daughters heir to the throne, Sophia Bjørn Hvithar and Roxana Kåre Hvithar but after a while Sophia made their own town and eventually tried to declare independence from Halfrland and was known by townfolk as a traitor and eventually to the world, her grandfather Hárkonungr Amleth Hvithár talked down to her and she ran from Jotunheim (Her town) to a desert in Solaria, The next in line is Roxana Kåre Hvithar because Sophia ran away and started her own kingdom "Cruelroost" Today Jósepr is a govener of Halfrland and Sophia Bjørn Hvithar's Cruelroost is under siege. As his father's conditions grow worse everyone in halfrland is left sadden by their king's illness