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Quantavious Dinglebottom, is member of the former UCCR, and a current member of the National Celitan league. He is a 34-year-old native of Celita and a proud supporter and loyal follower of the Eternal Leader, Melevor Murascaillbach. He fought alongside the Pyhrrian Empire in the triple entente against the Elyrian Menace. Under Folksmarshal Dmitriy Zhukov, he was promoted to Captain for his undeniable loyalty and leadership to his nation. Before he became a member of assorted armies under the same Eternal Leader, he was a vast farmer and tended to the enormous wheat fields that lined the outskirts of the Pyhrrian capital, his father, Quandale Dinglebottom, is a trusted and loyal member of the Leader's inner circle, and was a crucial part to his success in the assorted armed forces.