Val Vinea

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Val Vinea pictured

Val Vinea is an item created by CoolGummyBear of Redwood


Val Vinea was forged by Gummy after years of studying and exploring to find the "Crystal of the vine" Deep in the depths of the cave that runs below Redwood. This crystal, when harnessed using the technology developed by Redwood scientists gives the wielder of the axe immense power, however this power only works when in the radius of the magic hotspot that is the Redwood cave.

History of Item

Val Vinea was only used in a single major war of the server being The battle of redwood, In this fight gummy used the axe to raise walls of bamboo and used it in order to combat the powerful elyrian attackers attempting to siege the town. Luckily the axes powers proved enough to defend the town along with the help of brave Redwood citizens.

Special Traits

Val Vinea has the ability to control plants around it when its near the Tree of life in the caves of Redwood, some of these abilities include: wrapping an enemies legs in vines for a short period of time, summoning a flower that is said to heal a small amount of the users health and finally summoning a wall of plants to defend the town. These special powers are rarely used as using them kills off a small amount of Redwoods life magic, draining the long term sustainability of plant life in the area.

Current Usage/Location

It is currently owned by Gummy of Redwood and it stays hanging on a wall in his house ready to be used to defend the town at any point in time.