Valors Hall

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Current Information

Valors Hall is a fortress-like structure outside of Hightower. It is currently under the ownership of Rhonin Tapperhet[1] and is a part of Ardora after the fall of Snowport.


Valors Hall was constructed by a man by the name of Stigandr Tapperhet, the first recorded member of the Tapperhet family line. It was designed to serve as the home of him and his wife, Eyvor Tapperhet. Stigandr, whose name originally was Sigurd, lived with his parents as nomads across Moria, avoiding civilization and staying mostly to themselves. One day, while his father was gathering some things along the road near where they were living at the time, he came across a man standing in front of a wagon that appeared to have broken down. Possessing some knowledge of such things, he offered to help. Shortly thereafter, the man, one Garith Frosthearth, unsheathed a dagger, and pressed it up against his throat, ordering him to hand over any valuables he had. He replied by saying he didn't own anything of value, Garith, however, decided otherwise, demanding once more to be given any valuable items. Once again saying that he didn't own anything Garith would want, Garith accepted the answer, but didn't want to deal with a witness that knew his face. Pushing the dagger further in, nearly breaking the skin of his neck, all Stigandrs father said was "Please. Please, I need to live, my family won't survive without me." in a soft, somber voice. Garith, taking notice of the unique way he asked to keep his life, thought for a moment, deciding what to do. Eventually, Garith asked a question. "You got a son?" He said, to which he replied "Yes, a boy about 10 years old.". As Garith thought for a moment once more, he finally made up his mind, saying in a cold voice "Then he can take care of your wife." Thrusting the dagger forward, slicing into his neck. His body going limp, and he fell to the ground as blood pooled around the body. Garith quickly gathered his things and fled. Stigandr, wondering where his father had been, went out to the place his father was. Seeing his father lying on the ground, shouted "There you are Dad!" and rushed over, as he got closer, he noticed his father wasn't moving, "Dad?" he said in a worried voice. As he finally arrived at the body, he realized he was dead. Tears began to fill his eyes as he knelt down, grasping his father's cold hands.