Valtaran Civil War

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The Valtaran Civil War was a 20-year-long ordeal that began when King Enriq Valtara III decided to name his bastard son Gem Valtara as his successor, an event that occurred before his legitimate son King Robert Valtara I was born. Due to this Ignacio Valtara, King Enriq´s brother decided to take lords that were loyal to him and rebel. After twenty years of conflict, which devastated Valtara almost to destruction, in the largest battle of the war both Enriq and Ignacio died in battle and a month later all the lords on the royalist side (those who wanted to keep the bloodline pure) surrendered on the conditions that the then Prince Robert would be crowned as king. This was agreed upon and the reconstruction began.

Important figures

Gem Valtara: The bastard son who started the whole ordeal by being proclaimed the heir to the Valtaran throne.

Ignacio Valtara: Uncle to Gem Valtara father to Benicio Valtara and brother to King Enriq Valtara III, he was the one who led the rebels, most commonly known as the royalists.

Enriq Valtara III: Father to Gem Valtara and King Robert Valtara I he was the one who proclaimed his bastard son as the next heir to the Valtaran throne and led the loyalists in defending from the royalists.

Malakai: Just before the war he was made Lord of Justice of Valtara by Enriq Valtara III and then during the war, he joined the royalists and became their greatest general due to his tactical prowess and fierce leadership though was allowed to keep his titles due to joining the loyalists just before the battle in which Ignacio Valtara and Enriq Valtara III died.