Waiso Erious

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Waiso Erious was a member of the Tolsheviks, a group of rebels who fought against the tyrannical rule of Kaiser Arctan and his army, known as the Stahlfaust. Erious was known for his bravery and cunning tactics, which earned him a reputation as one of the most skilled members of the Tolsheviks.

During a crucial battle against the Stahlfaust, Erious was gravely injured by Kaiser Arctan himself, who left a deep scar across his face. Despite this injury, Erious refused to back down and continued to fight alongside his fellow rebels.

Despite their valiant efforts, the Tolsheviks were ultimately unsuccessful in overthrowing Kaiser Arctan and the Stahlfaust. However, Erious' bravery and determination served as an inspiration to future generations, who continued to fight for freedom and justice in the face of oppression.

Erious' permanent scar became a symbol of his unwavering commitment to the Tolsheviks' cause, and he was remembered as a hero for his role in the rebellion. Today, he is remembered as a symbol of hope and resistance for those who seek to bring about change and overthrow oppressive regimes.