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WoahBrad is the semi-sentient being which has became an icon in Senza-Nome and Uomini-Caldi CULTure, originally forming as a being from the void banished to the 5th dimension and returning with a fraction of his form into the third dimension, he finds it a struggle to fit into man kind, gluing googly eyes of two different colors on his missing face. When he formed on the continent of Gaushan, as he was looking for people to let know about his prophecies, he ran into a young Raptor (RaptorJ6). As he spoke to the young boy, he lit up with excitement, and then he baptized him (without the consent of his parents). After that situation, and the multiple law-suits filed against him, he was forced to take refuge in The-Altar.

Nearly 15 years later he was able to leave his hell hole and recruit more people, starting with finding Raptor J. Six, leader of Senza-Nome and now Emperor of Fare-Unire. Sitsit was next, along side Sillie_Millie, selling her soul to him (which she really didn't need to do), Brad returns to the land of Prospit 1 a year for Brad-mas, giving gifts (wooden-netherite hoes) to all the good boys, girls, and others.

Suddenly one day, he had a calling that there were more recruits, PandMaster2871, Cloudd, SitSit(again), and RapturedSplicer. These rituals consist of a Nun of Brad (sister Millie, aka Sillie_Millie) reading out 3 of his prophecies and Brad himself (woah)baptizing them, making them apart of WoahBradism, after that, they may go through some physical changes, weather it be their eyes change color, their hair, clothes, or their whole self, after that they're on their way.

Not many humans have seen Brads real form, and only a handful have lived to tell the tale.