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Early Life

Little is known about Zephyrus' life before he arrived in Alathra. He tells a tale of how he sailed for an unknown amount of time and then landed in the city of Redna. He also says that he was elected by the elders of his village to enter the portal. He also says that he was instructed to learn about the new world's magic if it had any.

Joining Redna

When Zephyrus arrived in Alathra, (at the time) Duke Theodmer of Redna greeted him and invited him to join the newly founded city of Redna. Over time, Zephyrus traveled across the Alathran oceans to bring some villagers to Redna, built the now historic Tower Cottage, which has since transferred ownership several times and was once the tallest building in Redna, and helped install paths which connect all the important buildings throughout Redna. During this time Zephyrus became a lord, and the town assistant. He also saw the joining of many new members, was gifted the horse Daisy McSwifty, and befriended five cats, all of which have passed away since.

The Founding of Everglow

On August 18th Lord Zephyrus left Redna and sailed northwest to found the new town of Everglow. Three days after the founding of Everglow, Elyria declared war on the FOA (Federation of Arith) which led to The Great War. Zephyrus decided it would be best if Everglow was neutral in the war. Everglow was the only Elyrian city to remain neutral throughout the fighting. Because of this he met other leaders of towns who decided to remain neutral in the war.

Everglow Era

During his time as the duke of Everglow, Zephyrus opened the community farm, began construction and expansion of the Tree Top Palace, the Everglow Docks and the Everglow Panda Adoption Center, the latter two being the only taht have withstood the test of time.

During his time in Everglow, he sent the ambassador Butter Bunches the panda to Redna and Befriended the two pandas Gerald and Debra, as well as their son Timmy and another panda Bambam.

The End of Everglow

Towards the end of King Theodmer's reign, Zephyrus decided it would be best if he left Everglow and Estea. It is unknow what caused this decision, but he took his stuff to a group of ruins in western Arith and transported his cats there. However tragedy struck when transporting Bambam the panda. About halfway between Everglow and Willowglade, Zephyrus and Bambam were attacked by an unknown assassin who was no doubt attempting to take the life of the duke, however their weapon missed Zephyrus and hit Bambam instead. As soon as Zephyrus reached Willowglade, he constructed a grave in honor of Bambam. He then decided to gift king Theodmer with the three other pandas, Gerald, Debra, and Timmy.

The Willowglade Era

After settling in Willowglade, Zephyrus began restoring the ruins. He restored an old chapel and turned it into the City Hall, an old barn that he renamed the Wooden Quonset, and two old houses one being a storage house and the other an enchanting house. He built a smoking house to bake the potatoes from the nearby Willowglade fields. He fixed the paths between the buildings, built the Willowglade well and shopping district. and began construction on the White Palace. Towards the end of this era of Zephyrus' life, corruption appeared from the ground but that was dealt with.

The End of Willowglade

During the height of these constructions, Zephyrus was called back to his homeland. After leaving Willowglade became a part of the Union of Collectivist Council Republics.

A New Era

Upon returning to Alathra Zephyrus packed up his stuff from Willowglade and moved across Airth and joined the nation of Mirenirenic and founded New Willowglade which is still know as just Willowglade but is a second version on the opposite side of Arith.

As of right now

Zephyrus is living a happy life in northern Arith with his new animal friends including his cats (Moon Paw, Geneviev, and Tux) his Wolves (Daisy, Tulip, Lilac, Marigold, and Rose) his mule (Sir Mule) his parrot (Mr. Rainbow) and his Axolotls (Sunshine and Strawberry). He also has a Villager friend among other human neighbors. He recently placed a sunflower in the Tree of Mirenirenic to symbolize his connection with the other towns in Mirenirenic. Zephyrus has many friends all over Alathra and is excited for the future!

Religious Beliefs

Currently Zephyrus does not believe in any certain religion.


  • Zephyrus is an elf. Although he has heard stories of discrimination of different humanoid species, he has never experienced it himself
  • Being an elf means that Zephyrus has an extended lifespan. Although it is hard to translate to human years he has estimated that he is roughly 2100 hum years old. Thats the equivalent of about 21 elven years.
  • Sir Mule the mule was rather troublesome when he first met Zephyrus. He was abandoned in the wild, so he must've had a distaste for humans.