Jonathan Bercker

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Jonathan Bercker is a human male mostly know for his time in the Loyalist navy of Valtara during the civil war, and his work in Ælfscyn as brew master and right hand of Elvenia.

Jonathan Bercker
OccupationAdmiral | Alchemist | Right hand of Elvenia
Home townUnknown
  • James Bercker (father)
  • Lillian Bercker (mother)


Jonathan is a 5'11" human with dark hair and a well kept mustache. he usually wears a black coat with gold Epaulets and a red shirt. He wears an eyepatch on his left eye to cover a wound he suffered during an enemy boarding.


Early Life

Jonathan was born in a big city by the coast to James and Lilian Bercker. His father was an Admiral in the navy and his mother worked in parliment. As a child Jonathan's father would teach him about the navy and sometimes James would even bring Jonathan onboard to show him what it was like to be in the navy. This would cement Jonathan's love for the navy.