Joanne Bercker

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Joanne Cathrine Bercker is a Merchant, and one of the three Councillors of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn.

Councillor of Blackthorn
Joanne Bercker
BornJonathan C. Bercker
ResidenceZethortal, Cw. of Blackthorn
OccupationAlchemist | Councillor of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn
Home townZethortal
Height5ft 7 (170cm)
TitleCouncillor of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn | Alchemist of Zethortal and Blackthorn
  • James Bercker (father)
  • Lillian Bercker (mother)


Joanne is a 5'7" female cat fae. She can be seen wearing a red coat with the shoulders showing, a white undershirt, gray pants, a pair of brown boots and a pair of round glasses. She has long wavy black hair and she has mismatched eye colours due to a potion mishap, one eye is blue whilst the other is purple


Early Life

Joanne started off as just a merchant in Zethortal selling potions in her small shop on maine street. Her memory on things before Zethortal has begun to slowly fade with time, the only thing she has from her past is a compass gifted to her by her father before he died.

Thambaaile war

During the conflict Joanne would be part of the Home Guard, protecting and supplying potions to Blackthorn