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Alathra is a worldbuilding Minecraft server with a mix of geopolitics and light roleplay, focused on creating an interesting history from the events and actions of players within the land of Alathra. We strive to form a friendly community built around a mutual love for Minecraft and storytelling.

This wiki is dedicated to documenting all of the lore that develops on the server. Contribute by writing about your nation, town, or more! Regale us with tales of your character's many escapades or your country's rich and tragic backstory.


1. You must create an account to edit pages.

2. Do not vandalize any pages on this wiki.

3. Do not enter intentionally incorrect information. Write all of the pages objectively and stick to the facts.

4. This wiki is for recording history and disputes, keep the fighting in-game.

Current events

10-16-22 Wiki Front Page Image.png
  • The Holy Solarian Empire and Ashina forge a military and political alliance
  • Ashina denounces and makes demands of the Order of the Trinity, and their leader, Lord Iman
  • The Duchy of Aypara, a successor state of Lydoneia, joins the Koganon Compact
  • Artorian officials reclaim the city of Artorias from remnant supporters of the fallen Kingdom of Lothric
  • The Treaty of Cresvlits is signed between the Arcadian Altanate and the Republic of Cailethia, redrawing borders on Prospit
  • The Holy Solarian Empire and Kingdom of Cruelroost sign the treaty of Jodaya, resulting in the cession of the town of Cruelroost to Solaria

Did you know...

  • ...that the Second Great War was ended through a trial by combat between King Theodmer of Estea and Emperor Sherman of Elyria?
  • ...that Lydoneia is the richest nation on Alathra?
  • ...that Praetara built Alathra's first functional airship?
  • ...that Carl the Turtle will be a baby turtle for over a year?
  • ...that Alathra's favorite band is Kids That Fly?

Political Map

Carta Alathrica, political map by Pzychosocial; base by Thaeorn; community-made coats of arms. Updated as of August 28, 2022.