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Alathra is a worldbuilding Minecraft server with a mix of geopolitics and light roleplay, focused on creating an interesting history from the events and actions of players within the land of Alathra. We strive to form a friendly community built around a mutual love for Minecraft and storytelling.

This wiki is dedicated to documenting all of the lore that develops on the server. Contribute by writing about your nation, town, or more! Regale us with tales of your character's many escapades or your country's rich and tragic backstory.

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Vanadia was the nation of the Vanadian people. It was located in different places throughout history, but is mostly associated with western Kuthara. It was formerly a principality within Rhumlaantd and a constituent of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto. Its capital city was Tìrean Ùra. It was also home to the ruling Triumvir and Jarl of Vanadia, Sigeric Ehlsonn. The Vanadians originated from a continent they know as Aldland, which is believed to be modern Kuthara. However, due to Vanadian history mostly being comprised of folklore, it is unknown for certain where they originate from. The original culture on Aldland were known to the Vanadians as Aldlanders and are the progenitors of many other cultures around Alathra. It is said the Aldlanders came over from the ice fields when they started to melt at the end of the ice age.

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