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Although the Wiki grows slowly, a lot of articles still find themselves in the position of having been buried under all the new content that our helpful volunteers bring in. The Featured article listing aims to bring forward hidden gems of our vast collection and at the same time provide interesting reading to those interested to learn more about Alathra's history.

Featured articles are also meant to highlight valuable members of the Wiki community and thank them for their work by awarding their article with a special little wax seal () that is displayed in the top right corner of the page.

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Current featured article

The Guldhirian conquest of the Rot Wuds, also known as the Thaambaile War, was the successful conquest of the lands of Thaambaile by the Kingdom of Guldhir. It ranks among the most significant wars in Alathran history, as most major nations across Kuthara were involved in its course. Lasting from Jule 12, 5 AC to August 5, 6 AC, the conflict claimed an estimated 1500 lives, most of them on the Thaambailian side. The end of the war resulted in notable demographic changes across the continent and was soon followed by Guldhir forming the Rauthwald Empire.

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Upcoming featured article

New Pangolias, officially known as Nouveaux Pangolias, is a small town in the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, situated on the continent of Ceyreto, on the south bank of the Kryskan lake. It is the administrative capital of the province of South Kryska within the region of the Principality of Kryska. New Pangolias is recognized internationally for advancing discussions about axolotl rights and nature preservation. It is also home to the Office of Development & National Statistics, an independent agency that provides census services for the Commonwealth.

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