New Pangolias

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New Pangolias
Nouveaux Auvergne
City District of New Pangolias
Official seal of New Pangolias
Motto(s): We Will Endure!
 • TypeSocialist Technocracy
 • First ArchitectBaron Wolfgang Kreis
 • Rural2
Demonym(s)Pangolite, Auvergnat

Nouveaux Pangolias (or New Pangolia) is a small town in the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, situated on the continent of Ceyreto, on the south bank of the Kryriskan lake. The province is the poorest settlement within Kyriska, the Empire, Ceyreto and one of the poorest in Alathra.

The Seal

The Seal of New Pangolias is extracted from a horizontal rectangular tricolour flag with the following symbolism:

Green - represents the fertility and agriculture of the land

White - represents purity, peace and the pursuit of enlightenment

Orange - represents the hard work, talent and perseverance of the people in the face of adversity

Additional Colours:

5-pointed Red Star at the centre of the flag - represents the hardships and many struggles faced by the people, and the need to collaborate to endure


Map of Kyriska
Map of Kyriska

New Pangolias resides within the moorland and forest biomes and is divided into 5 Wards with an average of 94.6% of the population below the world poverty line.

Ward 1: The Lakefront, the ward with the most development potential, with an average income of 2.14$ a day

Ward 2: The Estate, the only ward with minimal critical infrastructure and personal family estates of the working-poor technocrats at an average income of 8.21$ a day

Ward 3: The Historical Village, the smallest, most populated and most impoverished ward with 99.8% of the population living in extreme poverty at an income 1.24$ a day

Ward 4: The Riverbank (or The East Bank), the second largest, least developed, with 92.3% of the population living in extreme poverty at an income of 1.89$ a day

Ward 5: The Forest Reserve, the largest ward, consisting of half of the province's territory and the only ward that is unpopulated and is comprised of the Southern Kryriskan Forest

Map of New Pangolias
Map of New Pangolias

Notable sites of interest include: The Wineyard, the Kyriskan Botanical Gardens and Apiary which includes a greenhouse and small hedge maze, and the Indigenous Historic District. However, due to the recent massacre, the historic district is as of now decimated, and commitments for restoration remain uncertain.

Government and Politics

The city district of New Pangolias, classified as an underdeveloped rural and low-income city state, is a isolationist unitary technocratic socialist polity led by the First Architect, with a semi-closed and centrally planned Agrarian economy comprising of state-owned collective farms and following an autarkic philosophy of self-reliance, self-sufficiency and autonomy brought on by necessity from the absence of foreign investments, the absence of foreign aid, and the political inter-relations of its upbringing. Education, Healthcare, Housing and many other government sectors are all subsidized.


New Pangolias is a homogenous state comprised entirely of ethnic Pengeese, with the majority of the population identifying as agnostic atheist, abolishing the religious beliefs of their Pangolite predecessors. However, early developments of a monostic faith have been documented.


Settlement of New Pangolias:

Shortly after the collapse of the Aurinian Imperium and the subsequent annexation of Pangolias by the Chiefdom of Idrolia, both events long anticipated and foreseen by Pangolite political analysts, the Pengeese began a mass exodus across the oceans of Alathra, with high casualties during the migration.

Notable reasons for the displacement of the Pengeese include but not limited to persecution, geopolitical tensions and conflicts, absence of geopolitical security and active historical erasure and revisionism of the aforementioned by both national level and neighboring powers.

A people without a home, The pengeese found themselves seeking refuge in the Commonwealth of Blackthorn under refugee and asylum status whereby Emilia, High Councillor of Blackthorn granted the Pengeese land south of the Blackthorn lake for the establishment of a safe settlement, many believed to be the Promised Land.

After many months lobbying for the succession of New Pangolias as a member of the commonwealth, New Pangolias is admitted as a commonwealth city district.

The lands of the Moorland south of the Blackthorn lake have been incorporated into the New Pangolias City District, with it, The Tree Farm located in Ward 4, A publicly-owned logging facility jointly operated with and primarily managed by The Faewood City District.

Blackthorn Era:

In April of Year 6, the destruction and massacre by foreign raiders decimated the population and set the buildings in the Historic Ward on fire, creating a massive humanitarian crisis exacerbating existing poverty.

With member states of the Commonwealth rebelling, seceeding from Zethortal and unifying with the emerging Rauthwald Empire, New Pangolias fell into economic depression. After the dissolution of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, the Empire made territorial claims to half the territory of New Pangolias in preparation for annexation which the Emperor stated did not belong to the Pangolian State. In order to preserve the territorial integrity of New Pangolias, receive financial recovery aid and receive much previously neglected long-term development aid, the First Architect signed documents for New Pangolias to be annexed by Rauthwald as a province of the Principality of Kyriska.

Rauthwald Era:

In September of Year 8, New Pangolias acquired the forest territories gifted by Fort Khirom, Capital of Kyriska and became the fifth ward of the province. Over time as Kyriskan trade and commerce influenced New Pangolian society, New Pangolias quickly become an inalienable part of Kyriska proper.

In January of Year 9, The Emperor granted the title to the First Architect of New Pangolias as Baron of Southern Kyriska.


Cultural Norms include common practices whereby the following is expected:

  • Removal of one's armor when entering town borders.
  • Removal of shoes upon entering one's home
  • Standing in shoulder-to-shoulder in large gatherings
  • Frequently offering help to someone in need
  • Checking in with fellow townsfolk to ensure they are in good health

Cultural Customs include:

  • Yearly exchanges of gifts
  • Rituals to expel and atone for selfish desires

An important tenet in Pengeese traditional culture is the “Nootnoot”, the Tenet of Sanctuary and Collective Support, which states that refusal of a request for assistance is forbidden even at the cost of the supporter’s own life or fortune. It is expected for one to reciprocate and permanently memorialize the gratitude for NootNoot with exclusive privileges to the supporter.

A notable example of this was the fountain built and a tree planted dedicated to the High Councillor of Blackthorn for accepting Pengeese refugees and the Chief of the Faewood for providing humanitarian aid respectively..

Collaboration, Selflessness and Teamwork are highly valued within the Pengeese traditional lifestyle.


Every year, New Pangolias loses a third of its wealth due to drought, disease, and mismanagement of resources (Alathra upkeep) and has remained an impoverished state due to limited access to skilled labour, underinvestment in critical infrastructure and scarcity of and limited technology to tap into its natural resources. As a result, famines are common and high mortality rates remain an issue. Despite this, Economic Growth has been slow but steadily rising. Crime rates have notably improved with increased investment in security (chunk claiming). New Pangolias engages exclusively in the Domestic commonwealth market with notable exceptions in the Kingdom of Guldhir. New Pangolias is in the midst of its 5 year plan for infrastructure development to improve the level of human development and the overall quality of life with the intent to bring the district up to developing status by the end of the plan.


New Pangolias engages in an array of agricultural production with a dominant Beetroot sector. Other smaller sectors include Carrots, Potatoes, Wheat, Chicken products, Honey, Milk, Wool products, Sugar, Pumpkins, Watermelons, Cocoa, Cacti, Sweet Berries, and Dried Kelp in addition to a bamboo forestry cultivation industry and a small lumber industry with primarily spruce and mangrove lumber. None of the smaller sectors yield a competitive advantage in wider markets. New Pangolias has not be able to produce any manufactured or higher end goods.


  • Variety of Manufactured and Higher End Goods
  • Skilled Labour
  • Natural Resources


  • Chicken Eggs
  • Sweet Berries
  • Sugar
  • Cocoa
  • Baked Pastries