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City District of Zethortal
Official seal of Zethortal
Nickname(s): New Blackthorn
Motto(s): "The Best is Yet to Come"
Anthem: "Nu Estil" (English: "The Style")
The City District of Zethortal within the Commonwealth of Blackthorn
The City District of Zethortal within the Commonwealth of Blackthorn
 • TypeCity Council
 • BodyBlackthorn Interim Council
 • High CouncillorEmilia Rivers
 • Total14
Demonym(s)Blackthorian, Zethortalic

Zethortal (Zeth-or-TAL) is a city on the continent of Ceyreto. The city is the current headquarters and de-facto capital city of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn.


See: Topynomy of Blackthorn

The name "Zethortal" is a contraction of the Valtaran "Zethar Rorthal", the native Valtaran name for Blackthorn.


Pre-Zydel War

See: History of Blackthorn

Prior to the area's settlement by the Valtaran population, the area was populated by fae peoples. The fae peoples of the area have been documented to be less curious and more docile than fae peoples living on the eastern side of the lake, likely hinting at increased contact with the outside world compared to other fae peoples. The fae peoples living in the area were dubbed "Zethortalic Fae" by the Blackthorian population to differentiate them from the Albionese Fae living within what is now the Faewood.

Blackthorian Settlement

Towards the end of the Zydel war, the area was one of many selected to be a possible location to escape to in the event of things going sour on the island of Valtara, should Zydel win. Following Zydel's victory over the Triumvirate, and both other areas for resettlement becoming either unsafe or taken, the location was chosen to be the site of the new city.

Shortly after the end of the Ceyreto-Zydel war, the people of Blackthorn made their exodus to the location, settling the region and giving it its current name. The Zethortal project was spearheaded by Emilia Rivers, with Councillor Thomas Scythorne acting as a second-in-command, as well as the city's main architect.

A few months after the founding of the city, it unified with the neighbouring town of Taobh Locha to form the Commonwealth of Blackthorn.

Acquisition of the Guild Land

Shortly after the founding of the city, the nearby Adventurer's Guild was experiencing internal turmoil within its leadership, with the leader of the Guild being less and less active within the Guild yet demanding more and more control. As such, the vice-guildmaster, Lady Moon, who was also on the Blackthorn Interim Council, siezed control of the Guild. Upon siezure, Moon offered to merge the Guild lands directly into the city district of Zethortal as to improve protection of the Guild.


Zethortal is mainly centred around northern taiga region of Ceyreto, with the main city being temperate to below average temperature year-round. The city's proximity to the lake also causes temperatures to be significantly lower during the winter than in areas outside the range of the lake.

In the former Guild lands to the south, while the lake effect is still present, the temperatures are warmer in the summer compared to the city proper.