Taobh Locha

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Taobh Locha
City District of Taobh Locha
Official seal of Taobh Locha
Nickname(s): Taoba-loca
Motto(s): "Bydand"
The City District of Taobh Locha within the Commonwealth of Blackthorn
The City District of Taobh Locha within the Commonwealth of Blackthorn
 • TypeJarldom
 • JarlSigeric Ehlsonn
 • Total12
Demonym(s)Taobh Lochan, Vanadian

Taobh Locha (Taov-LOK-a) is a city in the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, situated on the continent of Ceyreto.


The name Toabh Locha derives from the native Vanadian term "lakeside". Due to the preceived unwieldy nature of the Vanadian language and its pronunciations, the city is often pronounced in Zethortal as "Taoba-loca".


See: History of Vanadia

Pre-Zydel War

Prior to the Ceyreto-Zydel conflict, the area saw close to no settlement. This was likely due to the less than favourable geographic conditions, lacking any major source of wood and at the constant mercy of the winds from the Salt Flats. The closest pre-Vanadian settlement was that of the Zethortalic Fae, who lived in the moorlands in what is now the City District of Zethortal.

At this time, the people of Taobh Locha resided within the plains of the Vanadia region of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto in the town of Tìrean Ùra.

As the end of the Ceyreto-Zydel war approached and it became clear that a Triumvirate defeat was inevitable, Jarl Sigeric Ehlsonn planned for a complete relocation of his people, meant to be in tandem with plans by the Blackthorn Interim Council to also relocate their population to the area.

Vanadian Settlement

Following the end of the Ceyreto-Zydel war, the town of Tìrean Ùra was fully abandoned and the town's population and coffers were moved to the new location, where the new town of Taobh Locha was founded. The town would see rapid expansion with the help of the people of Blackthorn, now residing within the newly-founded town of Zethortal.

The towns of Taobh Locha and Zethortal would shortly after unify into a nation, becoming city districts in the Commonwealth of Blackthorn.