Sigeric Ehlsonn

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Sigeric Ehlsonn (Formerly var Ehlsyn) is a Vanadian ruler, warrior and collector. He is currently a councillor of the commonwealth of Blackthorn, and was one of the founding members of the nation. He was also a triumvir and briefly overseer of the Triumviruate of Ceyreto, he was the only triumvir to have held the position from the beginning to the end of the nation.


Sigeric is tall, bulky and quite pale, he has long blonde hair that he usually keeps tied up in a knot. He has a scar on the left side of his head that reaches all the way from below his left eye all the way to behind his ear, this stops the hair from growing so the left side of his head is mostly hairless. He has a thick brownish beard and bushy eyebrows. His eyes are a cloudy white as Sigeric is blind. He generally wears a blue tunic with blue trousers that are white at the bottom, with this he wears black boots and armour on his chest and wrists. However Sigeric has started to wear religous robes as he has stepped up his religous duties of recent.


Sigeric has held many titles, as of the current these titles are currently;

Sigeric Ehlsonn (formerly var Ehlsyn) Jarl of Vanadia, Emperor of the holy Rhumish Empire, Rhumish diplomat to the exterior, Grand admiral of Rhumlaantd, Triumvir of Ceyreto, Councillor of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, Knight of Kyriska, The Shitter of Kylindor, Arsonist of Astravia, Big Boy of the Boys and the Madman of the Loch.

No matter what title Sigeric has held so far, he has always preferred to use that of "Jarl" as his main title.



Sigeric was born on the 27th of July in the year of 458NG of the Rhumish calender, he was born into the var Ehlsyn family of the Principality of Vanadia to Faerenir and Breagha var Ehlsyn. At the time of his birth his father was Jarl of Vanadia, ever since he was born his father prepared Sigeric to take over that mantle when the time came. His childhood was rough, and he did not get to experience many of the things normal children do. His father was ruthless and had a firm belief that strife made a man strong. But because of this he was molded into a servant of the people, a great warrior and an intelligent man. However this made Sigeric hate his father, and he made sure he wouldn't become anything like him. Due to his uprbringing Sigeric had a tough time dealing with stress and started to use alcohol as a coping mechanism, it did not help that Vanadia has always had a heavy drinking culture. At points Sigeric has fell into deep alcoholism. Overall Sigeric grew up to be a tough, smart and loving person.

As he grew up Sigeric started to befriend one of the local rulers, Klovis var Maereltsyn. They remained good friends for all of their lives, and Sigeric started to become an uncle figure to Klovis' son, Sigefraed. Sigeric even gifted Klovis an axe, which he named "Klovis' Remorse". Once Klovis died Sigeric took it as his responsibility to guide his son Sigefraed to be a great ruler.

The Razing of Theuderikshafen

During the year of 500 NG a group of raiders known as the Igyari attacked the city of Theuderikshafen and burnt it to the ground. These were a group of raiders who had harassed and attacked the Rhumish lands many times before, and had finally come back to attack again. When the leader of Aakhan found out about this he called for Sigeric to help, they both sent word to the surrounding principalities and told them to prepare for war.