Commonwealth of Blackthorn

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The Commonwealth of Blackthorn
Hethikferal sav Zethortal
Banner Coat of arms
Motto: "The best is yet to come"
"Blackthorn on top!" (unofficial)
Anthem: "Nu Estil"
Official languages Valtaran, Alathran
Ethnic groups Valtaran, Guldhirian, Leithlisi, Kyriskan, Azurian
Demonym Blackthorian
Government Republican Dictatorship
 •  Lady Protector & Ministress Emilia Rivers
 •  Commonwealth declared 18 May 3 AC 
 •  Valtaran Exodus to Zethortal 25 May, 3 AC 
 •  The Great Shattering 8 August, 6 AC 
 •  Emilian dictatorship declared 19 November, 9 AC 
 •  Total 311.6 km2 (1st)
120 sq mi
 •  census 158
very high
Currency Blackthorn Dollar (BTD)

The Commonwealth of Blackthorn (Valtaran: Hethikferal sav Zethortal), commonly referred to as The Commonwealth or simply Blackthorn, is a nation on the continent of Ceyreto. The Commonwealth is ruled by Emilia Rivers as its Lady Protector, Ministress and de-facto dictator. The Commonwealth formerly claimed Blackthorn as their official capital city, this was changed in 8 AC to the Commonwealth's seat of government, Zethortal.


The Commonwealth takes its name from its capital city, Blackthorn. The city's name derives from its initial form of defence, a large network of decaying rose bushes.


The city of Blackthorn was founded in 254 BCW by King Hadas I. Its first walls were built in 156 BCW out of wood and later replaced with stone in 103 BCW. The castle was constructed in 249 BCW to accomodate King Hadas I and his family.

The city served as the main stronghold of the Loyalists during the Valtaran Civil War, and served as the main target of the Ceyreto-Zydel war.

After the exiling of Lord Gem Valtara, the city's former leader, an Interim Council was set up to take his place. The council would later renounce all loyalty to the Valtaran monarchy.

Following defeat against Zydel, the people of the Ceyretan cities of Blackthorn and Tìrean Ùra migrated eastwards to escape the wrath of their new Zydel occupiers. This led them to settling their current location by the Silver Lake. Shortly after arrival, the people of Zethortal and Taobh Locha (made up of former Tìrean Ùra citizens) would officially unify into the Commonwealth, later admitting the towns of Fort Khirom, Faewood, and Vadimsky into the union.

In 6 AC, every town in the Commonwealth except Zethortal briefly seceded, joining onto the short-lived Rauthwald Empire, formed from the Kingdom of Guldhir. Once the Rauthwald Empire collapsed, however, the many towns would either collapse or rejoin the Commonwealth.

Following the shattering, the Commonwealth would experience a period of unprescedented growth, growing from just Zethortal in 6 AC to controlling nearly 2/3 of the continent of Ceyreto by the end of 8 AC.


The Commonwealth is mainly around the Silver Lake (or Lake Kyriska as it's also known) although it does have some land such as Guldhir on the Valtaran sea and Leithlis and Lucredia on the North Ocean. The climate throughout The Commonwealth is considered mildly cold, lacking the oceanic currents of the southern Ceyreto seas. Officially, it is classified as having a humid continental climate.


The Commonwealth was formerly run by the Commonwealth Council. The council was initially formed out of the Blackthorn Interim Council, a council created to act in the absence of Lord Gem Valtara during the Ceyreto-Zydel conflict.

In 8 AC, the Commonwealth Council was abolished and replaced by a republican dictatorship under Emilia Rivers, the mayor of Zethortal and former Foreign Minister of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto.


The population of the Commonwealth is mostly situated around the Silver Lake, with areas further out being more and more sparse. As of February 7, 12 AC, the largest city in the Commonwealth is Guldhir, followed by the capital, Zethortal. The total population of the Commonwealth is 158.

Cities by Population
City Name Pop.
Guldhir 33
Zethortal 31
Leithlis 25
Wrensbath 23
Fort Khirom 15
Rukia 11
Azuria 6
Anishavokia 4
Alzamor 3
Arkstadt 3
New Pangolias 2
Faewood 1
Siylverpiek 1
Hillside 1

Census Data

The Agency responsible for the collection and publication of census data within the Commonwealth is the Office of Development & National Statistics.