Commonwealth of Blackthorn

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The Commonwealth of Blackthorn
Hethikferal sav Zethortal
Motto: "The best is yet to come"
Anthem: "Nu Estil"
Blackthorn (de-jure)
Zethortal (de-facto)
Official languages Valtaran, Common
Demonym Blackthorian
Government High Council
 •  High Councillor Emilia Rivers
 •  High Councillor Thomas Scythorne
 •  High Councillor Sheriff Malakai
 •  High Councillor Lady Moon
 •  Total 2.76 km2
1 sq mi
Currency Blackthorn Dollar (BTD)
The Commonwealth of Blackthorn (Valtaran: Hethikferal sav Zethortal), commonly referred to as The Commonwealth or simply Blackthorn, is a constituent country in the Triumvirate of Ceyreto, and is situated on the island of Valtara, located off the coast of the continent of Ceyreto/Kuthara. The Commonwealth is ruled by the Blackthorn Interim Council. The council claims Blackthorn as its official capital city, but operates out of the city of Zethortal due to Blackthorn's occupation by Zydel.


The Commonwealth takes its name from its capital city, Blackthorn. The city's name derives from its initial form of defence, a large network of decaying rose bushes.


See: History of Blackthorn

The city of Blackthorn was founded in 254 BCW by King Hadas I. Its first walls were built in 156 BCW out of wood and later replaced with stone in 103 BCW. The castle was constructed in 249 BCW to accomodate King Hadas I and his family.

The city served as the main stronghold of the Loyalists during the Valtaran Civil War, and served as the main target of the Ceyreto-Zydel war.

After the exiling of Lord Gem Valtara, the city's former leader, an Interim Council was set up to take his place. The council would later renounce all loyalty to the Valtaran monarchy.


The Commonwealth is entirely situated within the Blackthorn peninsula on the island of Valtara. The entirety of the Commonwealth sits within wooded areas, with a taiga forest in the south and a redwood forest in the north.

The climate throughout The Commonwealth is considered mildly cold, lacking the oceanic currents of the southern Ceyreto seas. Officially, it is classified as having a humid continental climate.


The Commonwealth is run by the Blackthorn Interim Council, a council consisting of four high-ranking members of the government of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto. The council was initially formed to act in the absence of Lord Gem Valtara, but has since become the official governing body of both the city and the Commonwealth.

While officially, Councillor Emilia Rivers holds the highest position, being the de-jure mayor of the city, the council is in actuality an equal balance between all four members, with all decisions in the Commonwealth requiring the approval of at least 3 of the council members.

Foreign Relations

Under the banner of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto, the Commonwealth is a founding member of the Council of the Northwest Continent, an international organisation aimed at promoting trade and cooperation throughout the Ceyretan/Kutharan continent.

Outside of the Council, they also maintain multiple treaties and friendship agreements with the Empire of Aether and the Faewood.