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The Faewood
City District of Faewood
Official seal of The Faewood
The City District of Faewood within the Commonwealth of Blackthorn
The City District of Faewood within the Commonwealth of Blackthorn
 • TypeMayorship
 • MayorDolo Whitetail
 • Total1

Faewood (FAY-wood) is a city in the South Kyriska county of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, situated on the continent of Ceyreto.


The name Faewood derives from Fae-, the native population of the region, and -wood, as in the woodlands that they inhabit. The citizens of Faewood often use the definitive article The before the name of their town, though the definitive article is often dropped outside of the region.



According to legend, the Fae people are not native to the area. They were supposedly transported to the area overnight from an unknown location. While the true origins are unknown, they claim to be from the Fey Wilds, an interdimensional plane or planet full of vibrant colors and sights.

Kyriska and the Ceyreto-Zydel Conflict

Shortly after their arrival and discovery by the people of Fort Khirom, they were assimilated into the realm of Kyriska and made a princedom.

Not long after, they were approached by the Triumvirate of Ceyreto who asked for help in the recently-declared war against Zydel. The Faewood, an ever curious people, were happy to oblige in the Triumvirate's request and committed fully to the war against Zydel.

The Wyrdwood Commonwealths

For a brew few years, The Faewood, and the Kryiskian Kingdom Reminants at the time, now Kingdoms, joined the Wyrdwood Commonwealth with the Faewood, and Thaambaile. Wyrdwood would have those under it construct canals and other mega projects, over tax those with mega industries and overall bred discontent in The Faewood and Fort Khirom after two of Fort Khirom's providences fell to over taxation.

Soon after both towns left, Wrydwood and Thaambaile would pass the national taxes around, until Thaambaile left Wrydwood and became its own trading port and fortress.

The Nation Zethortal (Blackthorn)

For a total of thirty or more years, helping Zethortal, and Tabo Loca build their towns, the Guild Hall rise and stability came to Kryiska and the Faewood as a whole, the nation of Blackthorn had extended a hand to them both absorbing the lake as thiers for a time. And all would thrive for a time under this understanding and partnership, until the War of the Rutwoods.

The War of the Rutwoods

Following the fall of Wyrdwood, Thaambaile grew bitter and hostile to outsiders, and mostly blamed Babba Yogurt (Bah-Bah Ya-Gurt), the Leader of the Faewoods for the fall of their once ally and their new spot of despots and piracy in this time. The Guldhirians had just settled on their lands, and the Zethoralians to them did not sit well either. The Fort Khirom and The Faewoods of Kryiska the never forgave and soon old rivalries broke out into war.

The Faewood's Role was to Guard the Homefront, deliver supplies to Guldhir and Our Armed forces of then Zethoral, and escort civilians in and out safely. The Faewood, in times of war proven themselves not as naïve outsiders, or Fairy Folk, but stealthy archers, and hunters that could infiltrate an enemy town to help in a cause.

The Ruthwauld Empire of Guldhir

After the War of the Rutwoods, a pyric victory came to Zethoral and Guldhir. Despite them not capturing their keep fully, the damage to their population of Thaambaile and their Allies was enough to consider the war over. Following a time after, Prince Vartillian and King Jon Dodbane offered Duke Babba Yogurt for dinner in Guldhir, where he was told of many situations, and how he had to honor his ancient pacts with Fort Khirom, and his Prince's Millitary Alliances as well. The Faewood left Zethortal, to honor their pacts with Fort Khirom and Guldhir, and never looked back, and to this day act as stand in Diplomat and Advising Ranger of the Region with his Silverhand Ranger Corps.

The Silverhand Rangers

The Silverhand Rangers are a Knight Hood completely made of Citizens of The Faewood. They carry light armor, for cadets, and Mythril (Diamond), Trimmed with Gold and camouflage to help them channel the energies of magic and hide in the shadows. They specialize in Archery, Stealth, and Sniper Combat.

There symbol is the Silver Palm of the Mute God of the Hunt Umbartar, the five tips of the fingers represent the five virtues of Survivalism, Hunters, and War. The first star presents Endurance, the second star Cunning, the third star Swift Strikes, the fourth star Will of the Fight/Hunt, and the last star represents Honor.


The Fae are more relaxed when not at war, or hunting interlopers whom cut their trees. Valuing the forms of life from parties, to the darker sides of life to most such as alcoholism and abuse of substances like tobaccos and food. The Fae of the Faewoods rarely reject visitors, seeing as no violence can occur within their walls, as they will be ousted by the very ground they stand on as if they're being thrown out of a pub.


The Fae value good company, food and non material things. The occasional smoke or wine is preferred but mostly is done to try new things.

They value curiosity and reward outside curiosity with gifts and knowledge, generosity is highly rewarded in return here.

Causing Harmless Mischief from a Fae means that they trust you, value you or consider you close to them.


Spring Solstice

Crop Sowing Festival

Fae Mischief Day (April 1st)

Summer Fire Festival

Festival of Fools

Fall Solstice

Fae Mischief Night (October 30th)

Hallowquin (Fall Festival or Halloween - October 31st)

Yule Tide

Spirit of Sending


The Faewood is mainly centred around northern taiga region of Ceyreto, The city is further inland than most Commonwealth cities, and so avoids the more extreme effects of the lake climate.

However, the Faewood itself and the surrounding Redwood Forest are at an unnatural constant Fall temperature year-round and is blanketed in a mystical fog in the Spring, Summer, and Winter.

In recent times, the woodlands of Faewood have become the target of illegal logging by outsiders, wishing to take advantage of Faewood's abundance of spruce trees and their lack of protection in rural areas.