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The project to mark good articles is an initiative started on July 2023 to value the creative work of contributors to the Wiki. Based on the original Wikipedia project, a good article is an article that meets a core set of standards, serving as an example of good quality writing which staff encourages others to notice.

Per standards, a good article should be:

  • well-written;
  • broad in coverage;
  • neutral in point-of-view;
  • illustrated when possible.

A good article can only be designated such by the people involved in this project. If you want to nominate an article, do so by contacting our Wiki team. As a precaution, good articles should not be marked by their original author nor by their largest contributor.

Out of the 329 articles on Alathra Wiki, 3 articles are marked as good articles. Good articles can be identified by a green plus sign (This symbol designates good articles.) in the top right corner of an article's page. For an index of all current good articles, visit Category:Good articles.