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Official seal of Azuria
The Province of Azuria within Commonwealth of Blackthorn.
The Province of Azuria within Commonwealth of Blackthorn.
 • BodyHouse Lockward
 • LordAlec Lockward

Nestled in the picturesque southern region of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, on the enchanting continent of Ceyreto. Here, amidst the tranquil beauty of Thornmouth Province, Azuria reigns supreme, cradling the Southern Thorn River within its embrace. This majestic river, the lifeblood of the region, splits Thornmouth Province into two distinct realms: the thriving West, known simply as Azuria, and the burgeoning East, named Olofsby.

Azuria stands as a beacon of elegance and sophistication, boasting the only settlement within Thornmouth Province. Its ambition? To carve a place in history as a landmark of unparalleled grandeur, with its sprawling mansion, meticulously landscaped gardens, and fertile farmlands painting a portrait of prosperity and charm. Across the river lies Olofsby, a once-ruined city now on the cusp of revival, where plans are underway for the construction of a majestic lighthouse, poised to guide ships safely into the embrace of the Southern Thorn River.

The Southern Thorn River, a bustling thoroughfare of maritime commerce, serves as the primary artery connecting the Heart of Blackthorn, the illustrious Silver Lake, to the outside world. Silver Lake, surrounded by Blackthorn's most prominent settlements, including the esteemed capital city of Zethortal, relies upon Azuria as its welcoming gateway for travelers and traders alike.

At the heart of Azuria stands the magnificent Lockward Palace, the crowning jewel of House Lockward. Designed to harmonize seamlessly with Thornmouth's sprawling moorlands, this architectural marvel is a testament to the ingenuity and artistry of its creators. Incorporating a captivating fusion of architectural styles, Lockward Palace stands as a testament to both grandeur and humility, constructed primarily from locally sourced materials. Its expansive halls and opulent chambers are not merely a residence but a venue fit for the most prestigious of events, ensuring that Azuria remains a beacon of culture and refinement for generations to come.