Gem Valtara

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Gem Valtara is a human male most known for being the Defacto leader in the Triumvirate of Ceyreto, leading the Kingdom of Valtara in the absence of King Robert, and his involvement with the Loyalists in the Valtaran Civil War.


Nationality | Valtaran
Nationality Valtaran
Hometown Blackthorn
Citizenship Valtara | Ceyreto
Occupation Lord Commander | Hand of the King | Triumvir
Known for WIP
Height 6'2"
Title Lord | Triumvir

Gem is a 6'2" human with dark brown hair, grey eyes, and pale skin. He has an athletic build attributed to lifelong military training and some combat. He typically wears a long dusty brown coat, a mask covering the lower parts of his face, a black glove on his left hand and a red one on his right, and black boots. He seems to keep this attire throughout most of the day, even in rather inappropriate situations.


Early Life

Gem, named so after the last item his mother left for him, was born to Enriq Valtara III as his bastardized firstborn son on XXXX XX, XXXX, the king during the Valtaran Civil War, and is the elder half-brother to King Robert Valtara I. Gem was born as a result of relations that his father had with a servant girl thus making him a bastard. His mother however had died at childbirth and so his father, ever merciful, took Gem in as his own. He continued his bastard status until he was 5 years of age, at which his father, having no eligible heirs after years of trying with his wife, had declared Gem his heir, now fully embracing him. Enriq's brother, Ignacio, took this as a grave insult to allow someone as impure as 'that bastard' rule and thus started the 20-year civil war.

Valtaran Civil War


Post-Valtaran Civil War


Rebuilding Valtara


The Triumvirate Of Ceyreto




Current Day



Lord Commander (Former)

Gem was appointed Lord Commander of Valtara, giving him command of all military forces of Valtara, by his father just before his death.

Hand Of The King (Former)

Following the Valtaran Civil War and the coronation of King Robert, Gem was made hand of the King so that he may take up the responsibility of ruling the nation while his brother slacked off.

Triumvir Of Ceyreto (Former)

Gem became one of the three founding members of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto and during his time as Triumvir became the most prominent member of the Triumvirate.

Prince of Valtara (Former)

Gem was declared heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Valtara by his father even though he is a bastard. This title was revoked upon conclusion of the Valtaran Civil War.


Robert Valtara | Half Brother

Benicio Valtara | Cousin

Jonathan Bercker | Friend

Adrian von Attasio | Friend

Enriq Valtara III | Father

Ignacio Valtara | Uncle

Sigeric Ehlsonn | Friend


"He is a tyrant"

"He is a traitor"

"He is a coward"

"He is a bastard"

"He caused the civil war"

"I heard he likes gold"

"I think he's broke. He gives away all his money"

"I heard he can get you anything, no matter what you ask for"

"I've been told he was a better ruler than any other Valtaran"

"He is a colonizer and a warmonger!"

"Isn't he the grandson of a god?"

"I heard that he's the owner of that one sword relic"

"He's a ghost! I swear I can see him wherever I go!"

"He's a god! Never before has a mortal been seen with his qualities!"

"He's just a man. Some nitwits idolize him but he's just as flawed as the rest of us."

"He's a guru. No one else matches him in any human endeavor."

"To him we're all just pieces on a chessboard"