The Black March

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Gem Valtara was a respected nobleman, admired by many for his wisdom, kindness, and sense of justice. Gem was known to be a champion of the people, a loyal servant of the king, and a devout Triumvir. But due to the Zydel-Ceyreto war Gem had forsaken his vows to no longer pursue the power of the throne that he'd forsaken in the days of the Valtaran civil war, though this was very evidently what he'd been using his position as Lord Commander and later Triumvir of Ceyreto for. He'd ignored the jurisdiction of the King and had plans to do away with the Valtaran King completely. That was until his cousin Benicio Valtara stepped in. He would not stand for Gem's corruption and so led a revolt against him, to force Gem into honoring the oath he once made and to once again relinquish his legitimacy to the throne. The revolt succeeded and to answer for his crimes, Gem was to be sent down into The Black Labyrinth that lay beneath Blackthorn, never to be seen again. Before he was his final words could be stated as follows:

Never once have I truly betrayed either the Kingdom of Valtara nor the Triumvirate of Ceyreto. Everything I have done has been in the best interests of my people. Even now, I suffer these injustices because my people will me to. Rest assured people of Valtara, I will return.

And thus he descended into the Labyrinth with the cheers and cries of Valtaran citizens in the background, never to be seen again.

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