The Black Maze

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The Black Maze, also known as Hadas´ maze, Hadas´ Labyrinth, the Black Labyrinth, or just simply the Blackthorn Maze, was constructed in 248 BCW by King Hadas I deep under Blackthorn to punish traitors. It is said that he would put people who were charged with treason into the maze and whoever got out would be considered loyal. It is also believed that no one ever got out. The exit to the maze was found during the Valtaran Civil War in the Siege of Blackthorn under the city´s carrot farms. The entrance to the maze is yet to be found but is believed to be under the Ceyreto Sea south of Blackthorn. Many attempts were made to map out the entirety of the maze.

Notable attempts

Illay Carbonara: is believed to have completed the maze but died while trying to fully map it out. His manusripts are still believed to be down there with an almost complete map of the maze, though some experts argue that it has been rotting for to long to be in any suitable conditiion to read at all. This expedition was Illay Cabroara´s final expedition as he said that he required a greater challenge after completing what is believed to be the first and only full terrain map of Alathra, the mythical dynmap.

Gem Valtara: was sentenced to the black maze after being overthrown due to tyranny in The Black March.