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This is the article for the former city of Blackthorn. For its successor state, see Commonwealth of Blackthorn.

Flag of Blackthorn
Nickname(s): The Black Rose City
Motto(s): "The Best is Yet to Come"
Anthem: "Nu Estil" (English: "The Style")
CountryTriumvir of Ceyreto
Valtara (de-jure)
Established254 BCW
Founded byKing Hadas I
 • TypeCity Council
 • BodyBlackthorn Interim Council
 • High CouncillorEmilia Rivers (de-jure)
 • Total1

Blackthorn (Valtaran: Zethar Rorthal), also known as Old Blackthorn or The Old Town, is a ruined city in the south of the former province of Valtara, Ceyreto, located on the northern shore of the Ceyreto Sea, it is the de-jure provincial capital for Valtara, the capital city of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, and the former national capital of The Triumvir of Ceyreto. It is the home of Lord Gem Valtara and the former home of King Robert Valtara I.



Blackthorn was founded in 254 BCW by King Hadas I, it is named that way because originally it was defended by large dead rosebushes instead of walls as a fort and capital for his new Kingdom of Valtara. It is believed that he created a labyrinth known as The Black Maze under Blackthorn to punish traitors. Its first walls were built in 156 BCW out of wood and later replaced with stone in 103 BCW. The castle was constructed in 249 BCW to accomodate King Hadas I and his family.

Valtaran Civil War

During the civil war it served as the main stronghold of the Loyalists during the Valtaran Civil War and was the birthplace of King Robert Valtara I, Gem Valtara, Ignacio Valtara, and King Enriq Valtara I. During the civil war it saw an almost complete collapse of its population from 7346 to 20 and destruction of its walls and buildings. After the war it began a rebuilding process to rebuild the houses, walls and castle.

Ceyreto-Zydel War

During the conflict with Zydel, the city saw its defenses nearly double in size and complexity, with the walls being filled in with cannon-resistent material, and the two gates being fitted with large doors, instead of their traditional portcullises.

After the exiling of Gem Valtara, his cousin Benicio Valtara was given right to oversee the city in his absence. This role has yet to be recognised by the Interim Council.

Near the end of the war, the city declared itself no longer under the juristiction of the Valtara dynasty, and by extension formally refuses to recognise the Kingdom of Valtara as a legitimate entity. In its place, the Commonwealth of Blackthorn was formed.

Post-war Abandonment

After the loss of the war, the city of Blackthorn was salted and left in stasis by the Blackthorn council, as to keep the city out of the hands of Zydel.

After the abandonment of the city, the population of Blackthorn relocated to a new location on the Ceyretan continent and named the new settlement Zethortal, a native Valtaran name for Blackthorn.

It is rumored that the last remining resident of Blackthorn is a sentient mushroom by the name of Gerple Nurple.

Important places

The Castle Gate

The Castle Gate refers to the city's northern gate. The Castle Gate was the first part of the city walls to be completed and is one of the most iconic places in the city. The gate also served as the site of multiple skirmishes during the Ceyreto-Zydel conflict.

The Black Maze

The Black Maze was a maze constructed by King Hadas I in 248 BCW to punish traitors. At the moment only the exit has been discovered under blackthorn´s carrot farms but the entrance is believed to be hidden in the Ceyreto Sea somewhere south of Blackthorn.

The former ruler of the city, Lord Gem Valtara, is currently in exile within the maze.

Blackthorn Brewery

The Blackthorn Brewery was one of the few accomplishments of King Robert Valtara. It was the largest of its kind within all the lands of Alathra and was thought to brew so much alcohol in a matter of days that it could quench the thirst of the entire continent of Ceyreto for months on end. It was commissioned in XXX and completed in just a month. The only time it was ever used (aside from brewing mead for the King's crippling alcoholism), was for Great Ceyretan Banquet, where Gem Valtara oversaw production of nearly and entire warehouse full of just mead. It's rumored that so much mead was brewed that one may still find bottles of it today laying around the ruins of Blackthorn.

Blackthorn Castle

The Blackthorn Castle was first constructed in 249 BCW and began reconstruction in 15 ACW it is the home of the most important lords in Valtara and the monarch. Currently, only the front facade has been completed.

Blackthorn Dock

The Blackthorn Dock was built in 54 BCW, it is the largest port in the Triumvir of Ceyreto. A southern expansion was commissioned by Gem Valtara and is still under development. Construction is currently paused due to the Ceyreto-Zydel conflict.