King Hadas I

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Hadas I
King of Valtara (legendary)
His appearance is unknown
Height6 ft 4 in (193 cm)
TitlesKing of Valtara
Dragon Slayer
The Maze Builder
The Beast of Blackthorn
The Inevitable

Hadas Valtara was a human male and is considered a historical figure shrouded in mythological legends. He is accredited with a plethora of achievements, the most notable of which being the establishment of the Kingdom of Valtara, killing the last living dragon in the overworld, and building the city of Blackthorn.


There is no official record of Hadas' appearance, though multiple written accounts state that he shared the natural Valtaran dark brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. He's noted as being a tall and handsome man and that during combat he wore a suit of Dragonscale armor custom made for him.

Achieved titles

King of Valtara

This title was gained upon the creation of the Kingdom of Valtara. The cities of Blackthorn, Kyrulia, and Zanco were united under one banner to birth the fledgling nation. Thus he was known as 'King of Valtara'.

Dragon Slayer

This title was gained when Hadas killed the last and the strongest living dragon of the overworld, Roslarb. The beast is said to have lived on the mainland of Kuthara in a desert of salt. Thus he was known as 'Dragon Slayer'.

Maze Builder

This title was gained upon the completion of one of Hadas' many pet projects, the inescapable maze, the Black Labyrinth. Thus he was known as 'The Maze Builder'.

The Beast of Blackthorn

This title was gained during the first Siege of Blackthorn where natives to the island of Valtara besieged the city for 100 days and nights. Outnumbered twenty to one, Hadas fought on the front lines, holding the wall with his men. The man is even said to have held the enemy back at the gates singlehandedly for the period of an hour until reinforcements could relieve him. He is estimated to have killed 700 men that day. Thus he was known as 'The Beast of Blackthorn'.

The Inevitable

This title was gained near the later half of Hadas' life. The man was a godly warrior, fighting as though he himself were an army. This coupled with the might of Valtara, allowed him to always have his way, come hell or high water. Thus he was known as 'The Inevitable'.