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Kuthara / Ceyreto
Kuthara plain map.png
Area12,875 km² (50,293 chunks)
DemonymKutharan / Ceyretan
StatesNo change since last update 15
Largest cities

Kuthara, also known as Ceyreto and formerly Aelwyn, is a continent in the northwest of Alathra.

List of nations, states and territories

The list below includes some sovereign countries falling fully or partially under the region of Kuthara.

Flag Name Population Capital Name(s) in official language(s)
Blackthorn Increased since last update 48 Zethortal (in exile) Hethikferal sav Zethortal
Kalikhan Increased since last update 69 Kalikhan Kalikhan
Lucredia No change since last update 18 Lucrona Lucredia


Kuthara contains a wide range of biome types, most of them influenced by the colder northern hemisphere. Forest cover is prevalent, with spruce forests covering most of the north, gradually giving way to birch and evergreen forests in the southern regions. Areas outside of forest cover have developed into prairies and plains-type ecosystems.

Kuthara has three distinctive mountain ranges, which also affect local weather. The northeastern mountain range acts as barrier for the cold wind streams of the Icy Unknown, causing the nearby coast to have year-round snow.

To the northwest of the continent is the island of Valtara, the largest non-continental island in the known world.

The most notable geographic feature of the continent is the Salt Flats region. The Salt Flats region is a 1.1km in length area of completely flat land. Records indicate that the region was once home to a large dragon fossil, which has since gone missing, most likely due to the exploitation of natural resources common in the area.