Church of John

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Church of John (Nation)
Largest citiesDivinus Actualia Angelis Actualia

The Church of John (abbreviated CoJ) is a nation located on the island of Valtara, in Ceyreto. It is built upon the Holy Lands of Johnactualism, and is the center for all things related to the faith. It was settled in February 2024, and as of March 2024, it has a population of 19. Its capital is Divinus Actualia. Angelis Actualia is the only other town within the nation.

The Church of John has no land claims on any Alathran lore maps, for it is under the oppressive control of the Gempire of Zydel. It is currently led by King Allorace Krino.


The Founding

The Church of John was founded a month after the town of Divinus Actualia, on 9 February, 2024, following a small coup against Zydel. Jack Blanche, founder of the Church of John claimed that the Church was fed up with Zydel’s oppressive regime, and did not want to associate itself with a hostile and aggressive nation. It went against everything they stand for as Johnactualists.

February 16 Massacre & Kittenist Crusades

A week after the Church of John gained independence, on 16 February, in celebration of the creation of the Order of the Enlightened (the nation’s military force), a ceremony had been held at the Grand Cathedral of John to bestow military ranks upon the people. Aaronicus Catticus, a Kittenist missionary, barged into the Grand Cathedral, spewing words of hatred against all who did not practice his faith. In a rash manner, High Priest Jack, then-leader of the nation, drew his blade and silenced Aaron with a fatal blow. This would prove to be a huge mistake, as not ten minutes later, Kittenberg’s entire military force showed up to slaughter innocent churchgoers. These horrific events went down as one of the Church of John’s darkest days, and led to the Church joining a coalition against the kittens. Shortly thereafter, Kittentopia declared war upon the Church of John for the killing of their missionary. Divinus Actualia, being the capital of the Church, spent the week preparing defenses for the merciless wrath that the Kittens would unleash upon the innocents of Divinus Actualia, who had no involvement in the death of Aaronicus Catticus. Then-leader of the nation, Jack Blanche, knew that his people could not withstand the brutality that the Kittens would go on to display during the war. They had already started skirmishing in the capital, and slaying any Johnactualists they saw without hesitation. After many of the nations on the side of the Church distanced themselves from the war effort, Jack only saw it right to surrender and accept the terms that the Kittens brought forward, as to avoid the deaths of any more good-hearted Johnactualists.

Separation of Church and State

On 3 March 2024, High Priest Allorace Krino of the Enlightened Church of John declared himself “Divine King” of the Church of John. No election was held, nor did any of the people know of his plans to take over the entire government. His first act as Divine King was to separate Church and State. The Church of John and Divinus Actualia had been theocracies ever since their founding, governed by John, with the High Priest council as his servants. This was no more, as Allorace put the rest of the High Priests below him, and made all religious affairs separate from all political affairs within the Holy Lands. He held the title of “Divine King” for a couple minutes, and subsequently became “King” following the separation of Church and State. All past treaties created and signed by the Church of John were voided, as the original theocratic government no longer existed

The High Priest Council did not take any of this too kindly, as they believed that the new King was displaying a great sense of power-hunger. High Priest Aldoushmirtz SchmEvil, who had left the Holy Lands a month beforehand due to his discontentment with the political situation at the time referred to it as a “wacky situation”, and called Allorace a “false king”.

High Priests Jack and Aldouschmirtz, as well as High Queen of Ticinum, Irena Trachon, gathered together to plan a revolution against the new government. War was declared 3 days later, on 6 March. The revolutionaries' demands were simple: they wished for the restoration of the theocratic order, the reinstatement of High Priest Jack as leader of the Holy Lands, and that the entire High Priest council share equal footing in the theocracy. Jack and Aldoushmirtz were subsequently excommunicated from the Church.

Like many conflicts that the Church of John involves itself in, peace was made between the two sides. King Allorace agreed to un-excommunicate Jack and Aldoushmirtz, and to turn the new government into a democracy.



The Parliament Building, which houses the municipal government of Divinus Actualia, and the federal government of the Church of John

The Church of John is soon to be renamed to Actualia as to avoid religious connotation following the separation of Church and State. The name still honours its location on the Holy Lands. It is a democratic state, with elections being run every three months. Despite being a secular state, all members of the clergy are eligible to vote. The election determines the sole leader of both Divinus Actualia and the Church of John.

The federal government consists of the Consul, the Senate, and the Public Assembly, as determined by the Constitution of Actualia.

The Consul

Government Structure of Actualia

The Consul is the highest authority of the nation, and has the power to propose laws to the Senate and Public Assembly. They are chosen from a vote of confidence from the people.

The Senate

The Senate consists of one Senator for every four Citizens. They are elected based on merit, wealth, and social standing. The Senate advises the Consul on matters of state, propose laws, and approve / reject laws proposed by other branches of government.

Public Assembly

All Citizens living in the nation may attend the Public Assembly. They are able to voice their opinions on different motions, allowing for a democratic form of government. A bill vetoed by the Public Assembly can be sent back to the Consul and the Senate to make necessary changes to ensure the satisfaction of the Public Assembly. The Public Assembly has a representative voted in every election season to act on behalf of the people who voted them in.


The original theocracy’s military was known as the Order of the Enlightened. It was not affected by the separation of Church and State. Accolades are held on the sixteenth day of every month to bestow military ranks upon the people who signed up for the Order.

Grand Protectors

Grand Protectors oversee all activities of the Order on their respective continent. There are a total of five Grand Protectors, though not all slots have been filled in. They act as diplomats and peacekeeping officers, and recruit outsiders to join the Order.

Grand Admirals

Grand Admirals are assigned to oversee the waters of their respective continent. Similar to Grand Protectors, there is one for each continent. They protect fleets of ships on their continent, and act as second-in-command to Grand Protectors

Paladins of John & Noble Knights

Paladins are “brawlers” that are responsible for the town / nation they are assigned to. Similar to Paladins, Knights are the brawlers in the event of a war. They act as a defense force for the town / nation they reside in.


Squires are not required for extreme combat roles, and are simply information gatherers for the Order of the Enlightened.