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Johnactualism (/ʤɒnˈækʧuəlɪzᵊm/) is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of John Actual. It is currently one of Alathra’s most prominent religions, and is practiced in four different continents, with a total of five churches across the map dedicated to John. Johnactualism is not a creationist religion, as its followers do not believe John to be responsible for the creation of Alathra. They simply view John as a moral compass, a guiding light, teaching them to live a life of peace and self-love.


Johnactualism has existed long before it first appeared on Alathra, having been established in 2021 by a group of people, dedicated to bringing peace to the faraway lands they called home. Johnactualists have split off into two different branches over the course of many years: Kalytera Johnactualism (now defunct), and The Enlightened Church of John (currently active)

Kalytera Johnactualism (2021 - 2022)

Not much is known about Kalytera Johnactualism, as its history has been lost throughout time. The name directly translates to “Better Johnactualism”, having been founded by rebellious Johnactualists who were fed up with the corrupt leadership of the original faith. Kalytera Johnactualists held the same beliefs as modern followers do today – that John is a beacon of guidance, leading us to our true best selves.

Enlightened Church of John (2023 - present)

The current active branch of Johnactualism is the Enlightened Church of John, founded by High Priest Allorace Krino in May 2023 with a vision to spread the great word of John Actual to every corner of the world. The founding of the Enlightened Church of John coincided with the creation of the Johnactual Prophecy, the Holy Book of the Church. This branch of the religion is much more organized, consisting of a proper hierarchy, a military, and a flourishing capital on the island of Valtara. It has brought forward many new followers of the faith, and has led many people to find their true selves through the teachings of John Actual.


John Actual

John Actual was born a mortal man, host to a divine soul and will, one that had existed long before the world had formed. As he continued through life, his divinity would awaken, showing his fellow people his true form and purpose. He was revealed to be a God, yet he chose to not use his power and status to his own benefit, but instead used his power to settle disagreements, to teach those around him the ways of humility and tranquility. His people claim him to be The Enlightened One, the one who will bring peace to all, and it is he who inspires his followers to rid the world of all those who would dare to harm an innocent soul.

The Sixteenth

The sixteenth day of every calendar month is considered holy in Johnactualism, for it is John who has deemed it so. An accolade for the Enlightened Church of John’s Order of the Enlightened (the military) is held every sixteenth day of the month to grant followers different ranks within the Order.

The sixteenth of August is especially holy for the same reason. It is the holiest day of the year in Johnactualism. Worldwide celebrations occur on this day. This year, the sixteenth of August will see the opening of the Holy Chest in Divinus Actualia. It is known only to John himself what lies inside the Holy Chest, and His followers will soon find out.

The sixteenth of February is a date that remains infamous within the faith. On this fateful day in 2024, a battalion of kittenists, whose faith considers Johnactualism as a false religion, raided a cathedral in Divinus Actulia during the holy ceremonies of the sixteenth. A few days prior, Kittenism had been condemned by Johnactualist leadership, citing kittenists' colonialistic foreign policies and their known aggression against people of other religions.

The Words of John


Johnactualist preachers teach their followers to find inner peace, to find pride in life, to accept other faiths, and much, much more. John Actual can be worshipped alongside any other gods, so long as they do not promote violence and war within the world, or willingly make the people of Alathra suffer.

The Holy Word of John Actual (also called the Words of John) are the most important rules in the faith, guiding Johnactualists to live a prosperous life. Johnactualists believe that John has blessed them with these rules, and that they are to honour him by following them, creating a just and healthy society.

The Afterlife

Johnactualists believe that once you die, your soul must reincarnate until you reach Enlightenment. Enlightenment is defined as an eternal peaceful afterlife. Not in a sense that life is pain, but rather that life is the path to Enlightenment. What path Johnactualists choose in life determines if they reach Enlightenment.

In Johnactualism, John and the Divine Soul are two different beings, while also being the same being. The Divine Spirit is something that will live on after John's mortal incarnation dies. It will subsequently become another force of peace.

The Holy Lands

The southwestern peninsula of the island of Valtara, located within the continent of Ceyreto, is considered holy in the Johnactualist faith. High Priest Jack Blanche was the first person of Johnactualist faith to set foot on the Holy Lands. He founded the capital of the Church, Divinus Actualia (commonly referred to as “Actualia”, in January 2024 with a vision for the perfect utopia that he and his people would soon call home. The authoritative Gempire of Zydel initially disputed the claim that Jack had laid, but was later brought to justice, and became an official town of the Enlightened Church of John.