Irena Trachon

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High Queen
Irena Deusdedit Trachon
Irena Trachon sitting upon her throne, wreathing her Ceremonial Robes and Crown of Aakhan.
BornIrena Deusdedit Quirinus
ResidencePalace of Aakhan, Trachonos
Notable workThe Johnactualist Prophecy
TitleHigh Queen of Adelaar
Grand Protector of Adelaar
PredecessorHigh King Rhykker Trachon

Irena Deusdedit Trachon is an Adelaaran born Queen, politician, author, and advent member of the Johnactualist Church. She is most famous for her works on the Johnactualist Prophecy, as well as being a founding member of the Commonwealth of Adelaar. Irena has always been a proponent of the Monarchy, supporting many of the previous government's policy while climbing the ranks in the Kingdom of Adelaar.


Irena has brown hair, brown eyes, Mediterranean skin, with a fairly muscular build, and being 5'7". She is often seen wearing the Ceremonial Cloak of Adelaa'r with the crown of Aakhan atop her head. Other times she may be seen wearing her countless other outfits, walking through the town.


Born Irena Deusdedit Quirinus, she had a very tumultuous childhood. Born in a farmhouse out in nowhere, Irene became a fairly wealthy trader with a great martial and trading education just through experience. However when a group of bandits attacked Irena's home and killed her father, mother, and two younger siblings, she became enraged and sought out those who destroyed her family. Eventually finding their camp and killing all but 2 of the 5 total bandits, who managed to escape after hearing the commotion.

After such an event Irena left her village permanently and travelled for a while before settling in a settlement named Eidolon, later renamed to Trachonos to honor the ruling family of the region. After building a small fort nearby by the name of Ticinum, Irena caught the attention of the current ruler of the Kingdom, High King Rhykker Trachon. He took Irena under his wing and trained her extensively in martial, diplomacy, history, and the arts, further refining Irena's skill set.

Irena later was adopted by Rhykker, dawning the surname Trachon and officially becoming part of the Royal Family. Due to the lack of other successors, when Rhykker abdicated his throne to live a more peaceful life separated from the politics that surrounded his reign, Irena took power and becoming the last ruler of the Kingdom of Adelaar before the unification with the surrounding Empire of Styvaria and Empire of Dahlfaustn into the Commonwealth of Adelaar.