Empire of Styvaria

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Empire of Styvaria
Location of Styvaria
Religion The Church of John (state religion), Shermism (majority), Purificationism (minority)
Demonym Styvarian
Government Absolute Monarchy
 •  King Zeneth The Unifier
 •  General Mazz
 •  Lord Torlinn
 •  Duke Sharky
 •  estimate ~50 players

The Empire Of Styvaria (Tiberian: Kajzerriche vaan Steivarra) was a state of the Commonwealth of Adelaar, controlling the lands in the eastern mountain basin of the Adelaaran continent. Notable geographical features include the sprawling Eastern coastline, the riverside cliffs, and the temperate forest on its southern border. Officially formed on December 3rd 2023, it grew to be one of the most active nations in history until the Inactivity Crisis, which eventually led to the downfall of it and the Commonwealth.



The King, who formerly had complete political control of the nation, was the de facto leader of the whole Commonwealth, with the nation's capitol being located in the capital of Styvaria, a city after which the Empire was named, Styvaria City.


The state was further divided into five provinces, each led by a noble who had authority over their territory but were subject to the King's decrees.

Province Leader Title Leader Capital
Kingdom of Central Styvaria King & Emperor Zeneth I Styvaria (City)
The Duchy of Briarthorn Duke Lord Babyblue Briarthorn Harbour
Kingdom of Cathalos King Westerian I Cathalos
The Duchy of Venerius Duke YTsharkcraft Venerius

Notable Residents


The situation with the Commonwealth's military is unresolved, with the militaries of each state pre-unification staying largely independent of one another. The Styvarian Imperial Armed Forces were split into three branches:

National Guard

The National Guard worked exclusively within the continent of Adelaa'r, providing border security, domestic policing, and acting as the main army body during any large multinational conflict on the continent. Soldiers were based at Fort Taurus though could freely own property and work in other positions throughout the state, though were expected to maintain their combat skills through training at the Fort. They were commanded by General Mazz, who is also the governor of Fort Taurus. During times of great crisis, they may be commanded to act as police.

Expeditionary Force

The Styvarian Expeditionary Force worked primarily outside of Adelaa'r, providing peacekeeping services, defending overseas allies, and participating in small coastal and naval skirmishes, raids, etc. Based out of Briarthorn Harbour and the Oxentail Bastion, these marines were led primarily by King Zeneth himself. Soldiers participating in this force were expected to keep up combat skills as well as knowledge of sailing and the siege weapons arming the ships.

Royal Navy

Led by Admiral CZ10_XP, the Royal Navy provided transport for the other branches of the armed forces, escorted important officials, nobles, and dignitaries on long journeys, and enforced the state's maritime claims. They were based out of Briarthorn Harbour and had a total of 15 ships, although it did not have enough personnel to crew them, so marines from the Expeditionary Force normally took the place of sailors.


A New Empire Emerges (12/11/2023)

The forests of Central Adelaar have grown restless. The mountain basin had been near the heart of activity in the continent long ago, but after the fall of the Drakedom of Drachenland, it has laid dormant and unclaimed. Now, a new force rises to claim the region, though instead of it being a distant Kingdom looking to grow their borders, the people of the hills themselves have decided to make their own story, in their own land. Styvaria’s roots run deep, and now the flower will blossom.

Rosehalle's Meet Zeneth (Unknown Date, prior to founding of Styvaria)

On the two siblings' travels they stumbled upon a fire with a single man huddling around it. Scarcely dressed, hardly recognizably human, completely unshaven, the man startled upwards. Unable to process that there were two men in front of him, he fell backwards and into unconsciousness. Upon coming to in the morning, the man found himself draped in a red cloak but still completely unshaven. Rolling out of the makeshift sleeping bag the man found his familiar fire with two masked men. Initially frightened by the thought two men ransacking his few goods, he found the two men sitting amongst the fire debating breakfast. The man chimed in with his own opinions and left one of men silent. The other one spoke up and told the man of their issues. The man found the brother’s plight interesting and wondered what abilities they possess. The brothers told the man about their ability to build, their fundamental schooling, and their interest in the botanical sciences. The man found these men to his benefit and floated an idea of a town by the steep riverbanks of Adelaar north of Cathalos. The Brothers Rosehalle found such a proposition appealing.

Arriving to the steep banks of the planned town, the group of three found issue: the land suitable for a township sat across a river canyon. The men decided to split the issue between them. The younger brother began to construct a bridge, the elder brother to gather the wood and food needed to construct a bridge, and the fledgling King to find laborers for the bridge. Satisfied by the bridge and the food offered by the Brothers the King shared an idea, split the land by river, the north side for the Brothers project and the south side for the town.

The Commonwealth

The idea of a unified Adelaa'r had long been an enticing idea to most leaders on the continent. It was not until King Zeneth of Styvaria, Emperor Hildebod I of Dahlfaustn, and High Queen Irena Trenchon of the Kingdom of Adelaar came together and fused their realms as the Commonwealth of Adelaar.

Inactivity Crisis

Soon, the three monarchs of the Commonwealth and most of their advisors and officials went inactive at the same time. No-one knows why, and so far there is no official lore explanation for this. Some say they died at sea while on a diplomatic trip, others that they were killed by Tiberian Roses, and others that they simply disappeared.

Either way, this soon led to the fall of both the Briarthorn Deichtibier and the Kingdom of Central Styvaria, two of the most important cities in the Commonwealth and the main population centers of the Empire, and eventually the fall of both the Commonwealth of Adelaar and the Empire of Styvaria.