Styvarian Rose

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The Styvarian Rose is a rare flower native to the North Adelaa'r Mountains.



The name "Styvarian Rose" refers to the fact that the mountains it is native to is located in the Empire of Styvaria. Its scientific name is Rosa Styvarianus.

Physical Description

The Rose has crimson petals in a traditional rose arrangement, except for a small yellow bulb in the center. The scientists in the Styvarian Ministry of Agriculture are still trying to discern the purpose and nature of this bulb, but they have found how to make new roses without thorns by breeding flowers without the bulb together. The stem is dark green with at least 1-3 red-and-green leaves and many thorns. A version of the rose native the Deichtibier Peninsula (on which the Styvarian province of Briarthorn is located) called the Raahs dir Tibier, which is Tiberian for "Rose of Tiberia". This version has poison-tipped thorns which normally causes vomiting, headache, and mild diarrhea. However, in extreme situations, it call kill people.



The Rose was discovered during a Rhumish expedition into the region, and was at the time called the Mountain-Flower.

Claude Rosehalle

When the Empire of Styvaria was formed, Clause Rosehalle, aa famous botanist and Styvarian Minister of Agriculture, began to study the rose, and eventually found out how to raise it outside of the wild, but how this is possible is a secret well-kept by the Ministry, which is allowed to dispatch the military to defend it.