Briarthorn Harbour

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Briarthorn Harbour
A top-down view of Briarthorn Harbour’s main area.
Recently Updated To Look Better, But Has Pretty Much The Same Sort Of Design As Before.
Flag of Briarthorn Harbour

Briarthorn Harbour, officially the Briar Deichtibier or just Briarthorn, was a province/town of the Empire of Styvaria, and later the Commonwealth of Adelaar.

History of Briarthorn


Briarthorn Harbour was built on top of the ruins of the Duchy of Tiberia, which itself was built on top of the ruins of an ancient city whose name is lost to time.

Briarthorn was founded by Lady Gau’Rajni before transferring leadership to Torlinn Sanuri soon after.

After the town was built up enough, the town was approved for a port, and bolstered a “Dock” leveled travel system.

The Sherm Cube

The Sherm Cube, also known as “Shermanium[1]”, appeared out of nowhere, seemingly placed in the Harbour by a god[2]. A bright light, stretching to the sky, goes through it, giving the people who live there strength to guide them through their day.

An Old Duke

The old Duke of Tiberia, Tiberius Jakivus III, returned after about 9 years, after presenting himself to Torlinn, he was granted the title of Duke and allowed to be a citizen of Briarthorn, but was subservient to the Lord.