Lady Gau'Rajni

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Gau'Rajni is the Styvarian Minister of Natural Resources, and representative of the Cowkin peoples in central Adelaa'r. She is 169 years old, a young adult woman for Cowkin. Using her unique strength, sturdiness and knowledge of agriculture, she propels the Styvarian economy forward with tireless work in the mines, farms and forests. Gau'Rajni has a passion for alcohol, and wants to push the limits of intoxication, finding new levels of wasted. This fascination often leads to her downfall. She also struggles with being easily startled, a remnant of her bovine genes.


Gau'Rajni is a Cowkin.

Gau'Rajni stands at 6'4 tall, with a large, musclar frame underneath a soft layer of cow fat.

Cowkin, like cattle, enjoy facial modifications, and Gau'Rajni shows this with her large, gauged septum piercing, various ear piercings and decor, as well as a distinct nose chain on her right side.

Gau'Rajni has dark brown flowing locks of hair on the bottom half of her Satyr-like body, with similar hair on her head, resembling a Highland cattle breed. The top half of her body is much more humanoid, but with brown-spotted cow skin. She is often seen wearing a sturdy bronze chestplate, intricately adorned with vines and flowers, as well as a large rose symbol stamped into the center.

TitleStyvarian Minister of Natural Resources
FamilyHighland Cowkin Herd


Gau'Rajni is a cowkin, a species native to central Adelaa'r. She grew up on the edges of the mountains, in the grassy fields along the river cliffs. In her youth, Cowkin were treated terribly by the powers governing central Adelaa'r, and her family was locked out of towns, some relatives even being treated like regular cattle. This pushed her herd deep into the mountains, away from civilization. Following the decay of many Adelaa'r powers, her family began moving back into the luscious grasslands they used to call home, and she soon met King Zeneth and the Rosehalle Brothers founding their new Empire in the land. King Zeneth grew up knowing Cowkin, as another native to the mountain hills, and understood their intelligence and sentience. He showed empathy, and offered the Cowkin a home and jobs in his new Empire, placing them in roles that took advantage of their unique strength and agricultural skill. Gau'Rajni worked hard and grew to be a leader and representative of the Cowkin families, and joined King Zeneth's government.