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Cowkin are Satyr-like creatures featuring a bovine-like bottom half and a humanoid top half. Distinctly different from Minotaurs, Cowkin have humanoid faces, though males will still often grow horns. They are originally from Adelaa'r but following mistreatment by the larger powers dispersed throughout Alathra, and dwindled in number.


Cowkin in Alathra are native to the Adelaa'r continent, evolving alongside humans but with a bovine ancestor rather than a primate. On the Adelaa'r continent, Cowkin lived peacefully in tribal-esque villages throughout the land, adapting to their surroundings and forming distinct species among themselves. Cowkin never developed into a full civilization and preferred to stay in isolationist family herds, homesteading small farms all over Adelaa'r. Due to this, they often found themselves trampled over (ironically) by the larger powers in Adelaa'r. At the worst, some Cowkin found themselves treated as if they were non-sentient cattle by the evilest of Adelaa'r nations. This lead some of the herds to disperse into wandering individuals, move to distant lands, or retreat into the deep mountains.

Highland Cowkin and Styvaria

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Cowkin are bovine-humanoid hybrids, similar to Minotaurs or Satyrs. They feature stocky, hooved, cow-like legs on their bottom half, with a human torso and head on the top half. Cowkin's skin resembles that of a cow more than a human, being much tougher and hairier, and the males will often sport horns. Like regular cattle breeds, cowkin can come in many different colours and sizes, from white and black spotted to deep rusty reds and browns. Some Cowkin, like the Highland Cowkin, feature long coats of warm hair and uniquely large and broad horns.

Cowkin have udders.


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Notable Cowkin