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Adelaar is the central continent of Alathra, home to many major cultures, species, and stories. It can be noted that while its history is fraught with genocides and persecution, many of its current powers are some of the most forward-thinking and peaceful states in Alathra.

It has many striking geographic features, such as the Northern Adelaar Mountains, the basin thereof, the Deichtiber Peninsula, the Styvarian River, etc. It also has lots of unique plant life, the most striking of which is almost certainly the Styvarian Rose and its sub-species.

Likewise, you will find some of the greatest minds in history here. From the Styvarian scientific and architectural masterminds of the Rosehalle Brothers to the Rhumish political genius of Friedrich Czírjäshchausé, this continent is truly the greatest place for those who wish to become rich and famous.

Because Adelaar, while fraught with war and tragedy, is a place where anyone, with a little gumption, can do anything.