Friedrich Czírjäshchausé

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Friedrich Czírjäshchausé
Accurate Depiction of Friedrich
ResidenceZethortal, Wrensbath, Commonwealth of Blackthorn
Other namesStrong and Stiff
EducationDoctoral Degree in Maiden Arts
OccupationBlackthorn Warrior, Farmer, Advisor
Known forTruimvir of Ceyreto, Wrensbath Grindset, Finnancial Support
Notable workA Change of Hearts.
Home townVhithafen
Net worth1.200.000$
Height180 cm (5 ft 11 in)
Weight100 kg (220 lb)
TitleTruimvir, Duke of Wrensbath
MovementThe Boys
  • Lucled (father)
  • Unknown (mother)
HonoursModal "for Resilience", Medal "for Courage", Zydel War Medal, Thaambaile Seige Medal

IGN: Pikenheimer

Character Name: Friedrich Czírjäshchausé

Nickname: Strong and Stiff

Character Age: 26


Strong and stiff man with blue eyes with one being scarred. Standing at 6,0 feet/ (180cm~) with a developed V tapered upper body and very developed legs. Usually wearing a traditional early Victorian era suit without a long hat most of the time due to the long luscious dark colored hair glimmering in the sun.


For reference look at Pride and Prejudice 2005 Movie with the character Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Friedrich on a walk.
Friedrich on a walk.


The titles were self declared or given under Friedrich life over the years.

"Triumvir of Ceyreto, Noblesman of Rhumlaantd, Duke of Wrensbath, Knight of the Ceyretan Order."

As of now since the fall of The Great Triumvirate of Ceyreto, Friedrich is now more known as a Leader and a Triumvir but ever since his move to Zethortal Friedrich has decided to be not as involved in politics.

Triumvir is usually one of three leaders handeling administration and or leadership in a nation.


Early Life

Born into a noble family from the Mayor Lucled which owned one of the towns in the old lost Nation Rhumlaantd. When Friedrich turned 18 years of age he got to take over a nearby abandoned town to master his diplomacy. Friedrich brought it opun himself to get the town lively again and made several connections along the way with one being Sigeric. After the eventual fall of Rhumlaantd during the plague Lucled and most of the nations people died. But I was one of whom survived, as well as Sigeric. This would play an important role in Friedrich's future.

The fall of Rhumlaantd
Rhumlaantd Flag

During Friedrich's youth his father Lucled using me as a spy tried to overthrow the goverment and set Lucled as a the new ruler of Rhumlaantd. During this era Rhum was very unstable, the founder had died to the plague and Sigeric was deeply effected by the loss of Theuderik Kestarr.

This caused a commotion in the order of Rhumlaantd and with Sigeric becoming the new leader both Lucled and Plato tried to overthrow him. During this time Friedrich gathered information from Plato about Sigeric, his background and the history of Rhum. Friedrich using this information to gain trust from Sigeric to get highly regarded by him possibly allowing for a position for his father to get a chance to become king. Interestingly enough this youthfull rebilion taught Friedrich espionage and parkour to break in to any place. These are skills he later on used in his future life.

Triumvirate Era

After proving his skills and mastery in diplomacy Sigeric moved with him to the safer continent of Ceyreto laying the foundations for a new era.

Eventually with Sigeric's new made allies in the continent, Triumvirate of Ceyreto was formed where Friedrich was elected a council position in quite shortly after it was founded due to his talent and excelence in diplomacy. In his time living under Sigeric's town Tirean Úra he made a lot of connections with merchants, the nation and other important political figures. Furthermore started researching economics and farming to start a life of wealth.

After serving the nation by helping with massive projects such as the construction of a big port in Tirean Úra and a manor in Aardamn which the first public banquet was held Friedrich became highly regarded within the ranks of Ceyreto. Eventually after the stepdown of Tar the Founder of Ceyreto Friedrich was asked to rule in Ceyreto as a Triumvir which he accepted. The deal was to maintain Aardamn, start development of agroculture and taking a basic role in leadership. This resposibility was increased very fast due to the lack of infrastructure and propper development within the nation.

From there he started to help with the development of the nation in the different categories of important fields. Furthermore innitiated a team which would go under the name of "The Carrot Cartel" to start building, maintaining and farming massive fields using advanced engineering to improve the yeild. This would help all towns in the nation to stay afloat and also make sure the nation economy was more stable. Before Friedrich's rule the nation was close to falling due to having to many expenses without any income. Furthermore it was complicated because Ceyreto swore to not tax their towns. Due to these values being set in stone Friedrich had a challange to make incredible change and innovation in the economy. This development was extremely effective and helped in making the Truimvirate of Ceyreto the strongest nation in all of Alathra. It was at this peak and prosperous life the problems began.

Ceyretan Quality of Life:

The Ceyreto-Zydel War of Conquest and Indepedence.

During the founding days of Triumverate of Ceyreto there was many issues in politics, economics and culture shock from the respective towns. Due to this the strongest ranking person under the Triumverates became inpaitent with the lack of change from Founder Tar's mistakes.

Due to this and other reasons Gem Valtara became the new main leader of Ceyreto, this made sure we started actually fixing the mistakes that were made but Happy the guy who opposed the ruling got tired and decided to declare indepedence. Because the nation was still in development it was fragile and this caused us Truimvirates to forcefully accept this indepedence decloration. At this point Friedrich, Gem Valtara and Sigeric all knew this was bad.

Shortly after Zydel declared indepedence they also formed a Nation under the same name. Happy was an key player in Ceyreto but due to his choice in backstabbing Ceyreto the nation took a big hit from this. With this new nation Happy had formed he also had saved up and plotted against us since the inception of the Triumvirate. Because of this he was able to kick start a war by hiring mercinaries while we were at our weakest place.

Ceyreto still had time to prepare before the war and that's what all the Triumvirates put their mind to. During this time Friedrich did unprecedented amounts of income for the nation and worked harder in life than he had ever done before. Meanwhile Sigeric also did good on diplomacy and leadership our main leader Gem Valtara dissapeared in to the Blackthorn Maze. Not much is known about this event but due to this we had only two Triumvirs.

Nevertheless Friedrich pushed on even though the setbacks he had faced and rallied his spirit to become a true representative for Ceyreto. One of the only ones left standing to support the Great Old nation of Triumvirate of Ceyreto. Eventually the actual seige started to close in and in this time Friedrich had already paid out over 200.000$ into the war efforts. Sadly the Seige was lost due to lack of gear and in the end we lost the war and Blackthorn.

This in general had solidified Friedrich's ruling skills and turned him from youth to an propper adult. The result of the war made Sigeric disband the nation as a whole and by that the Great Nation, Triumvirate of Ceyreto eventually fell. It is believed that this happened to do lack of preperation and the result of it's bad founder Tar. Many of these simple issues gave important learning lessons for Friedrch to take with him for the next part in his life.

Wrensbath Era

After the war Friedrich had decided to move into the town of Wrensbath due to their charasmatic citizens and also their excelence in the Carrot Cartel. During his time in that town he furthermore studdied economics, earned money and started to live a lavish lifestyle. Meanwhile also supporting his friends over at blackthorn with moved to the new town they called Zethortal.

The Wrensbath Royal Academy

This was a very calm time in Friedrich life, without worries and in general relaxing without having massive resposibilities. But he got bored fast and decided to want to build his first massive fortress and academy to declare himself as a duke. With the new found money he spent a total of 200.000$ in support towards Zethortal. The rest went to his own project for building the academy, which he set a budget of another 150.000$. Progress was made very fast but during this time Friedrich eventually fell ill which canceled the project and left it at a unfinished but glourius state of what it could have been.

Eventually Friedrich did recover and at that time this project was to much to take on again and thus it has been left in this stage ever since. In the future it might see the day of light again and someday be in usage.


Having spent time in Wrensbath Friedrich decided to go on a new adventure, thus he decided to move to the new buzzeling town of Zethortal. Moving there he got the chance to improve his relation with Sigeric and Emilia Rivers who were town mayors over there. From here he got to learn more about the Commonwealth of Blackthorn and got involved in their religion and projects. The change of pace was just what Friedrich needed and here he felt like he could take a seat behind the scenes and just relax but still be involved in events of the world. Eventually he bravely faught in the Guildhir-Thaambaile war where he was on the Guildhir side under a Zethortal military force. During the first Seige Guildhir won by 1047 kills compared to 155 on Thaambaile's side. As the attackers taking on a formidedble fortress Friedrich was incredibly proud about this result and also got many medals for his participation in it.

The End

What is next?

The story of Friedrich still continues to this day, a man of honor, skill and excelence in his craft. Soon the days of jumping towns will be over, as of now he is planning where to start living for a long time and actually start building up his own homes and districts. Instead of being involved in ruling he will be more involved in himself. Living in a nation but serving himself, for he has given his entire life up until this point. It is time for change when times change.

"The life of Friedrich has been an interesting one. Having lived through many wars, nations form and fall and everything inbetween he comes to realize that he can finally relax. In this world of Alathra you tend to mature with the land and ground. Eventually you might become a part of the soil you stand on. Don't take your friends for granted, your memories and events. Before you know it they might not be there anymore or doing something else in life. At core we are all humans and forming relations is what life truly is about."