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Rhumish (Rhumisc)
Eagle of Aakhan, the common symbol of the Rhumish
Coat of arms
Largest city Sahlbourg
Official languages Rhumisc
Religion Agdarrism
Government Disparate Principalities
 •  Serene Prince (founder) Theuderik Kestarr
 •  Serene Prince (current) Sigefraed var Maereltsyn II
 •  Founding of Aakhan March 3, 1 AC 

Rhumish (Rhumish: Rhumisc) were the natives or inhabitants of Rhumlaantd, and sometimes more broadly any people who of Rhumish descent or native speakers of the Rhumish language. The Rhumish were a human ethnicity.


The Rhumish endonym Rhumisc is derived from the Ancient Rhumish phrase Rhōmae, meaning "Descendant of Rhōmalas" - or "Tribe of Rhōmalas". This name changed into the modern Rhumish and is derived from the mythological father of their ethnicity, one of the first men and the last that was loyal to Agdarr following the Great Sin of Man - "Rhōmalas".

Different variations of the Rhumish name existed, used in different parts of the world, such as: Rhuman or Rhumian, although these terms were much less common. Since the foundation of Aakhan a distinct Rhumish ethnic identity began to emerge following the long pilgrimage from their island home into the continent of Maedlath, during which time many of their customs had been forsaken for ease of travel and convenience.