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Holy Rhumish Realm
Hauliġ Rhumisc Raalm
Banner Coat of arms
Motto: Nauts wan Gotd | Nothing without God
Largest city Sahlbourg
Religion Agdarrism
Demonym Rhumish
Government Federal Absolute Monarchy
 •  Holy Rhumish Keistarr Sigefraed var Maereltsyn II
 •  Upper house Raalmsdag
 •  Lower house Raalmskounsael
Establishment Established
 •  Proclamation of Empire 501 NG 

Rhumlaantd (Rhumland), officially the Holy Rhumish Realm, was a federal absolute monarchy which dominated the northern half of Adelaar (then Maedlath) as the home state of the Rhumish culture and ethnicity. The religious and political head of state was the Holy Rhumish Keistarr, who was the leader of the Holy Flock of Agdarr, also known as Agdarrism. The Empire was an absolute monarchy, but followed Rhumish traditions of meritocracy and hierarchy, with there being a strict hierarchy below the Rhumish Keistarr.

Coat of Arms of the Holy Rhumish Keistarr, Sigefraed var Maereltsyn I & II


  • Aakhan
  • Elvmhor_Anbhajn
  • Vhithafen
  • Gnibelhaym
  • Poumebourg
  • Reva
  • Nohrtdhafen
  • Sahlbourg
  • Beargstrohm
  • Fraessishaym