Emilia Rivers

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High Councillor of Blackthorn
Emilia Rivers
Rivers standing in front of a door in Blackthorn prior to her transformation.
BornEmilia Whiterose Rivers
Blackthorn, Valtara (supposedly)
ResidenceZethortal, Cw. of Blackthorn
CitizenshipCw. of Blackthorn
OccupationHigh Councillor of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn
Notable workTravels and Tales series
Height5ft 7 (170cm)
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto (de-jure)
High Councillor of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn

Emilia Whiterose Rivers is a Valtaran-born politician, author and diarist, and the Ministress of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn. She is most known for her activity within the Ceyreto-Zydel Conflict, her outspoken opposition to the Valtaran monarchy, and the Travels and Tales series of novels, documenting her time as Foreign Minister.


Emilia is a svelte, and pale figure with long, brown hair going down to her upper back. Despite her purple motif, her eyes are a strong blue colour, reminiscent of the ocean. Emilia is most commonly seen wearing a long purple dress, with her face decorated by a pair of glasses and a white rose in her hair. When not in her common attire, she can be seen sporting a variety of outfits, all of which purple.

In her rat form, her appearance is known to fluctuate based upon her behavioural patterns. When her behaviour becomes more erratic and takes on a more rat-like state, as too does her appearance. This most noticably happens at the sight of cheese.


As declared by Commonwealth Council following the treaty of the Unrightful Rebellion, Rivers' full title was proclaimed as:

By the Grace of the Divines, Lady-Ministress Emilia Whiterose Rivers - High Councillor of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, Princess-Consort of Guldhir, Duchess and Knight of Kyriska, Countess of Zethortal, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Valtara and the Triumvirate, Chairwoman of the Interim Council.

Although Rivers' official title is "High Councillor of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn", or simply "High Councillor" for short, she adamantly prefers to use the title of "Ministress".

The title of "Ministress" is a female form of the title "Minister", which derives from her former title as "Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto".


Early Life

Little is known of Rivers' early life. According to some, she appeared in Valtara shortly after the Valtaran Civil War, while others claim that she was born as a mere citizen of Blackthorn, so naturally information on her early life is scarce.

Valtara Era

From birth to the end of Valtara as a sovereign nation, Rivers did little of noteriety. She was a mere Valtaran citizen, living in a house of middling income in the north of the city of Blackthorn.

Triumvirate Era

Shortly after the formation of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto, Emilia was approached by Lord Gem Valtara with an offer to gain a seat on the council after her trustworthyness was vouched for by a close friend of Rivers' in the Valtaran military. She would go on to be one of a handful to represent Valtara and the city of Blackthorn within the Triumvirate.

About a year and a half later, she was approached again with another offer by Lord Valtara, this time offering the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Rivers immediately accepted the position and would begin her job by attempting to forge relations between the Triumvirate and the nearby Empire of Aether (generally more known by their capital city's name, "Cielo".) It was at this point where the Travels and Tales novels would start being written.

Ceyreto-Zydel Conflict

Rivers, as a high-priority member of the Ceyreto government, found herself as the first victim of Zydel aggression. She was jumped and beaten by a gang of mercenaries during a short meeting with the leader of the city of Fort Khirom, and only survived after a swift rescue by a Fort Khirom delegate. For the duration of the war, Rivers would hide away in the city of Cielo, where she was inadvertently transformed into a Rat fae. She would be known for being one of the most outspoken opposers of the war.

At the end of the war, Rivers would remain an outspoken opponent of Zydel's plans, and even went as far as to have the King of Zydel watch as the city of Blackthorn burned to the ground,

Zethortal Era

After the end of the war and the salting of Blackthorn, Rivers would be one of the main pioneers of the Zethortal project. Shortly after the reformation of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn and the unification of the towns of Zethortal, Taobh Locha, Fort Khirom and Faewood, Emilia was made the high councillor of the Commonwealth, giving her near absolute power over the nation.


Thomas Scyteborn

Emilia's arguably closest friend is Thomas Scyteborn. She's spent the most time with him out of anyone and has been friends with him longer than most other people. The two of them were the ones mainly responsible for the formation and maintenance of the Commonwealth.

The two are certainly not without fights however, as the two are known to occasionally fight over the matters of Thomas' zealotry, and Emilia's attempts at curtailing such zealotry.

While not without flaws, their friendships is an incredibly loyal one. Thomas was one of the only higher-ups in the Commonwealth to remain with her following the attempted forced breakup of the Commonwealth.

Gem Valtara

Gem Valtara was the man seemingly in charge of the island of Valtara for nearly the entirety of Emilia's recorded history on the island. As such, he is rather responsible for Emilia's place in the world. Prior to Gem Valtara's return following the Black March, Emilia greatly respected him as a leader and as a superior. Even in his absence she mildly idolised him, going so far as to wear a coat styled after his own.

Her idolisation ground to a screeching halt following his return and their eventual confrontation, as the man discredited Zethortal and all of Emilia's work because she had no desire to leave Zethortal to become his subordinate again.

Axel Lionhart

Emilia would initially meet Axel following the first raid on Blackthorn in the Ceyreto-Zydel war, but wouldn't truly come to know him until the admission of Fort Khirom into the Commonwealth. From there, the two would see each other regularly and become friends.

Axel tends to serve Emilia as an unofficial advisor, as well as a travelling partner on the occasion.

Joanne Bercker

Much like with Axel, Emilia wouldn't truly know Joanne Bercker until the Zethortal era, when she would move her alchemy business from Ælfscyn to Zethortal. From there, Emilia and Joanne would become close acquaintances. For a little while after she joined the two didn't speak much, but followinh Joanne's admission into the Commonwealth Council following Fort Khirom and Taobh Locha leaving the Commonwealth, the two would become closer.

Benicio Valtara

Emilia views Benicio as a staunch enemy, viewing the man as the last vestige of a dynasty that only saught to exploit her and her people. She also views Benicio as a symbol of cowardice and betrayal, after he aligned himself with the enemy following the proclamation of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn.

On occasion, however, the two will put aside their differences for the sake of common interests.


Travels and Tales of Emilia Rivers

  • The Best is Yet to Come (3AC)
  • The Tyrant King (3AC)
  • Year of the Rat (3AC)
  • With Any Luck (3AC)
  • Ghosts (3AC)
  • The Battle of Blackthorn (4AC)
  • The Lake and the Rivers (4AC)
  • Gathering Speed (11AC)

Other Works

  • A Shadow of Faith (5AC)
  • The Return of the King (6AC)
  • A Wolf at the Door (9AC)