Benicio Valtara

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Benicio Valtara
Image of Benicio Valtara
OccupationPrince, Lord
Known forParticipation in the Valtaran Civil War on the side of the royalists.

Benicio Valtara is a human male most known for his involvement with the royalists in the Valtaran Civil War.


Benicio is 5'9" with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. He has an athletic build indicative of lifelong military training and some combat. He typically wears a brown studded gambeson, thick green woolen pants, and brown boots. During formal occasions he wears a green embroidered shirt and green pants with a clean pair of brown boots. During combat he wears plate armor and chain mail on top of his normal outfit with a pig-face bascinet helmet. He wields either a pike or a war hammer in combat.


Early Life

Benicio was born to Ignacio Valtara as his firstborn son on XXXX XX, XXXX. When Benicio was 1 year old, his father and his uncle (Enriq Valtara III, the then king of Valtara) had a dispute over the succession of the Valtaran throne, leading to the Valtaran Civil War. Benicio was raised in the context of this war, he began training for battle the moment he was strong enough to pick up a sword.

Valtaran Civil War

Benicio first fought on the battlefields of the Valtaran Civil War at the age of 14. Ignacio only allowed Benicio to fight in battles where decisive victory was certain for the royalists. This all but ensured Benicio's safety during his time fighting in the war.

When Benicio was 20, 19 years into the war, Ignacio's lands and castle were razed by loyalist forces. With his home and inheritance destroyed, Benicio lived in the royalist war camps for the remainder of the war.

Post Valtaran Civil War

Soon after Benicio turned 21, both his father Ignacio and his uncle Enriq perished on the battlefield. This caused peace talks between the royalists and the loyalists to ensue which led to peace in Valtara. Following the peace agreement, Benicio came to live in Blackthorn with his cousins King Robert Valtara and Gem Valtara.

Settling the Destroyed North

After living in Blackthorn for many months, Benicio trekked north of the city and settled the town of Castillo Zanco on the coast of the Cobre Bay. This is the same area Benicio's father once ruled over.

Current Day

Currently Benicio is constructing Castillo Zanco, the stilt castle.



Since Benicio is the cousin of King Robert who currently has no children, he is next in line to the Valtaran throne by bloodline.


Though the infrastructure was destroyed during the Valtaran Civil War, Benicio inherited the lands and lordship of his father following his death.