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Ælfscyn (also Aelfscyn) is a historically significant city on the continent of Adelaar, west of the great woods.


Head of state

Ælfscyn doesn't believe much in hierarchy, seeing everyone as equal. Although for the reasons of diplomatic disputes and decisions regarding other towns we have a mayor and a co-mayor. These 2 will make sure no outside force will become a threat to Aelfscyn. If the matter involves something mayor we will try to get the opinion of all the townsfolk so that we can keep most of our people happy.

Main Industries

Ælfscyn is a farming and mining town, most of our export being stone and food. To the east of the main farmlands has a grand mushroom hosting a one of a kind potion master being Jonathan Bercker.

Ælfscyn is strong in naval production, such as The Joy, a double-decked, tri-mast ship-of-the-line.


The town is set in the south of Adelaar in the dark oak forest, our borders protected by a grandiose mountain range to the east and grand rivers and oceans around.


"The people of Ælfscyn were likewise peaceful, gentle and honourable, except the time in year 1 AC when the Ballguardians settled south of the forest and started logging and leaving taunting messages on signs made of the wood, because Comradecoz promptly killed them all and decorated the ground around their taunting signage with their severed heads."

--Szjako Adelaaros

Ælfscyn was as is descried above, an equally idyllic and resilient society in the woods of southern Adelaa'r.

According to Ælfscyn's old Lore, Father Tree and nature herself gave birth to Elvenia, the embodiment of nature, beauty, grace and the cycle of life, who continued to cared for her home and gardens around which a town gradually grew. At first it was inhabited by elves, but as the eons moved on Ælfscynians became a mixed society, where many had bloodlines from both men and elves.

The First War

War was declared by Sundorboren on Ballguardia, which would snowball into the largest historical disaster to ever affect any continent in the AC calendar: The First War and the general societal collapse of Adelaar. The destiny of Ballguardia had been sealed through Comradecoz’s vengeance. However, this was only the opening act of the First War, as ministerial scheming amongst the courts of Kylindor, Cathalos and Aakhan led to a breakdown in relations, which was at one point beframed upon Elvenia Xeroleth. However, before the dust had settled after the First War, many Ælfscynians fled as refugees across the world as many cities and nations across Adelaar fell and the Nations of Rhuumlandt and Sundorboren collapsed in upon themselves, Ælfscyn managed to remain a prosperous and stable society through the reslience and ingenuity by now Queen Elvenia Xeroleth, Master Brewer Jonathan Bercker, and others. Despite the turbulent times, Ælfscyn underwent major expansion for a while.

Post-War Period

Elvenia's Illness

As the days grew closer to the end and Elvenia was surrounded by those who mattered close to her, the citizens of the lands of Adelaar could sense it too. Trees weren't lush and flowers wouldn't open their wondrous petals. The forests grew silent as if winter had taken them, not a peep or squeek Could be heard. As Elvenia drew her last breath she accepted her fate and the faith of her lands. The leaves turned dead and weak alike, flowers were hunched barely clinging onto life. And the evergreen Father Tree statue lost its leaves, leaving behind a bare husk of its former glory. Elvenia had severed her ties to Father Tree in the past, yet always kept caring for the nature around her. But with her death the teachings and oracles of Father Tree would die too in Ælfscyn's lands. As the last loyal to her prepared the altar for Elvenia's burning, flowers would be laid at the base as a last farewell. Yet when those selected went to pick up Elvenia to escort her body to the altar a shocking discovery was made. As the doors to her room were swung open and the guards walked in with the bearers of the body, the bed was discovered empty as Elvenia had vanished. Although upon further investigation a small pile of dust was found with a small seedling in the middle. One would say that the seedling was planted out of respect. Others would say men planted it for the forest. In the end Elvenia is no more and Ælfscyn started crumbling.

Dear citizens, friends and children. I would like to start out this letter by stating that one of my dear guards is currently writing this letter for me as I have been rendered unable to do so. I would like to address all those who visited me. It filled my heart with warmth seeing their worries and concerns. I must also apologize for cutting a visit short due to my health worsening, and I do apologize for not seeing you all out in a proper way. While I wish to get better and live longer I know that I will never recover from this withering of my body. I feel like my end is close, yet my heart is filled with guilt. Guilt for leaving my children behind, guilt from leaving my people alone, guilt for abandoning my friends and guilt for all the things I promised but never will commit.

As my body will wither till my heart has beat it’s last beat I remain to protect my lands in any way I can. Yet I fear that that protection will rot as my body will do the same. Thus I have decided that my friend Oscar will inherit the town of Ælfscyn. My belongings will be spread over my friends and my children and will be specified in my will. I wish that I could stay longer, Yet the body wishes not.

  • Elvenia Xaroleht Scryfscyn

2 days after sending this letter the trees of the forest of Ælscyn seemed less bright as if it were mourning. The town was quiet and flowers wouldn’t bloom. A letter was drafted to all the towns that knew Elvenia It brings me great sorrow to announce that our leader Elvenia has passed away, Elvenia had been battling her withering alone for a year and had been strong until the last moment.

Adventurer's Guild

A tavern, people cheering, raising their mugs filled with the finest ale in the lands, laughs echo throughout the building, especially Rylanors as he bellows away after every joke muttered. As the day is at its climax, and the people of the tavern are fully finished enjoying themselves, Rylanor moves towards the centre, reaching out to stand on the sturdy wooded table. He raises a bucket of ale in the air and begins to speak. "I hope all are enjoying their time here, but I believe it is also time I tell you all why I asked you to come here in the first place. As some may know, my father, Dante Valturian was the owner of the Adventures guild Decades ago, but after his death, the beacon of the guild that once brightly lit up the lands of Alathra faded... Decades have now passed as the forces of relentless evil have been left unchecked. After hearing about what happened with the Raska's Auction a while back, I believe it is time I make this announcement for all to hear. I Rylanor Valturian, Son of Dante Valturian, is here to once again light the spark of the Adventures Guild, rebirth the sole protector of Alathra from the mysterious forces of Chaos, and lead the vanguard on finding out what this mysterious group is planning after the events of the Auction." He pauses, and during that pause, the people of the tavern cheer, raising their mugs up once more to drink for the sake of the peace throughout Alathra.

Word is spreading. Posters are hung all across Alathra's various towns: the revival of the Adventurers Guild is near. Some laugh and scoff, yet there are those who's hope is in awe; lit by the sparks of glory, adventure, and exploits galore. The poster read; "After decades of silence, and what almost seemed like abandonment, I Rylanor Valturian, am announcing the return of the Adventurers Guild. Through the support of the Meowchant Raska and various other parties, we shall reignite the guild's flame and glory. So I invite all who see this message, from leaders of nations, to the settlers of towns, to head to the Adventures Guilds HQ grounds for a grand celebration, with drinks, foods and entertainment far as the eye can see!" Below the message, laid a sub-section containing other details of the event, it would be hosted at The guilds (aka old Aelfscyn lands) feasting hall, and would be at January 14, 2024 10:00 AM, various individuals of the guild would be there, including Guild leader Rylanor, with a few of his Guild masters as well.

Modern History

The Rise of Lorin

After the fall of old Ælfscyn to the Adventurer's Guild, Lorin, a former archer in Elvenia's retinue, lent his services as a mercenary and a vigilante for petty money. Killing any bandits, scavengers and refugees which came on the lands of Ælfscyn.

Wandering about the continent, Lorin met a nice man in Cathalos who took him in and cared for him for a while. Yet, his old ways and patriotism called on him:

"But still, I cannot help but hope that one day, the light will return to Ælfscyn, and with it, the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Until then, I am left to brood in the darkness, my heart heavy with the weight of lost dreams. Ælfscyn you may be gone. But in my heart you are a fire waiting to burn those who wronged you."

"Just like that... I was covered in blood and had been killing animals and scavengers just to protect our old lands which I promised to Elvenia when I joined her army... I owe my life to that man.. So it hit me with great force when that man died. I ran back into the Ælfscynian forest after that staying in the trees as it was the only safe place I knew. Though the winters got rough and I was freezing. So I took refuge in the fallen manor. Where I stayed upon the fall of the guild."

Upon returning to Ælfscyn, Lorin overthrows the Guild, slays Rylanor in a duel and slaughters the members, and crowned himself king over the old lands of Ælfscyn and adopting the old name once again: Leafsteel, first of His name.

"Standing amidst the ashes of our once-proud city, I raised my head defiantly, proclaiming myself ruler, my voice echoing through the desolation. In that moment, I understood the arduous path ahead, but I was resolute in my determination to confront any challenges that lay in my wake."

The overthrow and murder of the guild head lead to court proceedings, however Lorin would come out victorious and unscathed.

After the coronation, a series of feudal lords across Adelaar pledged allegiance to King Lorin Leafsteel I.

The first letter, bearing the seal of Aahkan, pledged allegiance to him and Sundorboren. "As expected," Lorin muttered, his ego bolstered by their loyalty. The second missive, from the rumored ruins of Dracheburc, proposed trade for loyalty. "A desolated city seeking my favor," he remarked, a smug grin tugging at his lips. With a swift stroke of his quill, Lorin penned his responses, accepting both offers with a regal confidence that bordered on arrogance, secure in the knowledge of his own power and influence.

This moment would come to pass to be one of the major foundation columns in the rebuilding of the Second Republic of Sundorboren.

Lorin in this aspect forms part of the Lost Generation of Adelaar. He is contemporary to Theuderik E of Aakhan, and Duke Hildebod Paeleos.

This can be manifested in a courageous acts, valorously defending his realm against Orcs and traitors, standing up for his principles and putting the common national interests before his own, all whilst bitter realism looms over one's ambitions. This is strongly reflected in the following statement, known as the New Dawn speech:

"King... king was a name I gave to myself when I was at my lowest. Now I stand upon the new horizons of something that Queen Elvenia was a part of before... Though the mistakes and lies that forged the future of these lands, the inevitable fall and the pain that shrouded these lands will not be repeated. Not when I'm king...

~King Lorin Leafsteel 1st of Ælfscyn."

The Orc War

First Coraie Edition

"On the continent of Adelaa'r, the fog of war is also growing, as the Orc nation of Dulkum Khorro march on into Sundorboren territory, raiding villages and buring farms in their wake. Soon, this fighting would spread to the Capital of Sundorboren, Ælfscyn, where King Lorin Leafsteel would become gravely injured. The fighting would end with both kings needing to retreat as allied forces would continue to come to Sundorboren's aid, pushing back the Orc invasion, forcing their retreat."