Unrightful Rebellion

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The Unrightful Rebellion
Part of Conquest of the Rot Wuds
DateJule 12, 5 AC – Jule 14, 5 AC
Result Fort Khirom re-admitted with full pardon
Fort Khirom
Commanders and leaders
Thomas Scyteborne
Bloma Dodbane-Rivers
Waylin Vartilian

The Unrightful Rebellion is the term used to describe Fort Khirom's sudden declaration of independence from the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, their swift re-incorportation into the Commonwealth, and the eventual complete pardoning of Prince Waylin Vartilian of Kyriska.

The name "Unrightful Rebellion" was coined after the rebellion by Vartilian, in a rush of sorrow regarding the event. The term was first used in an informational plate found next to a statue commissioned in commemoration of the end of the rebellion.



The roots of the Unrightful Rebellion go back to the dissolution of the Princedom of Kyriska. After Prince Vartilian came to power, the Princedom's foreign policy was of a strictly pacifist nature, with the Prince desiring nothing but friendship with their neighbours. However, following the absorbing of Kyriska into the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, such foreign policy aims would become less and less fruitful, leading into what would become the Conquest of the Rot Woods.

Rebellion period

Following Blackthorn's entry into the war, Prince Vartilian would, in his own words, be "overtaken by a spell of the spirit of rage", and declared the lands of Kyriska not only neutral in the conflict, but now independent from the Commonwealth. Following the Prince's declaration of independence, he and his personal army would lash out in Zethortal. Immediately, Councillor Thomas Scyteborne and the Princess of Guldhir would capture the Prince. Following capture, he would be kept in captivity in Guldhir for a day, before High Councillor Emilia Rivers could come and collect him.


After collecting Prince Vartilian from captivity and escorting him back to Zethortal for detainment, the Prince expressed great sorrow at his actions, explaining that he didn't expect forgiveness, but requested at least mercy from the High Councillor. Rivers, instead, offered the Prince a full pardon should he and his realm re-join the Commonwealth. The Prince immediately accepted, and re-admitted into Blackthorn.

A week after the end of the rebellion, Prince Vartilian would gather all of the nobility and authorities of the Commonwealth to thank them for their generosity, knighting everybody in the room and granting Rivers the title of Duchess of Kyriska.