Axel Lionhart

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Axel Lionhart
A portrait of Axel by a former patient
BornAxel Lionhart
Small, unknown village
ResidenceZethortal, Cw. of Blackthorn
OccupationDoctor of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn
Height6ft 2 (188cm)
TitleKnight of Fort Khirom, Doctor

Axel Lionhart is a human, around 6'2 tall. Axel has deep emerald green eyes and a tanned skin. He has medium long brown wavy hair and is mostly seen wearing easy traveling gear, and a shoulder bag for his possessions. Although he is human, his ears have a more pointier shape, thus he often gets confused for being an elf.


Early life

The youngest among three siblings, Axel emerged as the final one to venture out from the family homestead. Prior to him, his brother had embarked on a path as a merchant, while his sister had carved her journey as an adventurer. For Axel himself, the aspiration to emulate his elder brother's footsteps ignited his passion. Thus, he set forth on his own odyssey, adopting the life of a roving merchant who traversed diverse towns, procuring goods for sale and crafting a livelihood through this trade.

Even from an early age, Axel displayed a knack for numbers and a persuasive eloquence—an attribute his father often referred to as a "silver tongue." He possessed an innate ability to articulate himself, skillfully extricating himself from the predicaments that his older siblings occasionally entangled him in. As his brother ventured into the bustling expanse of city life to pursue his merchant endeavors, Axel's intrigue deepened. His fascination burgeoned further upon hearing his sister's captivating tales of exploring dungeons and uncharted territories alongside her adventuring companions.

With his brother and sister as his guiding lights, Axel chose to amalgamate their diverse callings. This decision led him to embark on a unique path as a traveling merchant—one that harmonized his fervor for adventure and his admiration for the merchant's craft.

Traveling merchant

Embarking on his journey, Axel treaded the path laid by his elder brother, transitioning into a wandering merchant. Leveraging his gift of gab and natural charisma, he deftly engaged with people, amassing enough wealth to secure a life of comfort. This endeavor not only allowed him to sustain himself but also enabled him to extend financial aid to his family. This gesture served as both an expression of gratitude for their years of nurturing care and a token of appreciation.

During his travels, Axel's fate interwove with a significant discovery—a collection of ancient medicinal scripts. Captivated by this newfound knowledge, he experienced a compelling shift in his interests. A newfound fascination with medicine emerged, driven by an innate desire to contribute to the well-being of others. This transformative encounter set him on a path where his merchant skills and his newfound passion for medicine converged, creating a unique purpose fueled by compassion and a thirst for knowledge.

Becoming a doctor

After several years of exploring and gaining knowledge through his travels, he delved deeper into the medical realm, immersing himself in diverse cultures and healthcare practices. He displayed a relentless thirst for knowledge, diligently absorbing every piece of information that came his way.

His journey spanned seven years, during which he traversed different lands in search of a place that resonated with him—a place to finally call home. This quest led him to the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, specifically Fort Khirom, where he found both his professional calling and a place to establish his residence. In this vibrant setting, he dedicated himself to his work while also embracing the sense of belonging that had eluded him for so long.

Ceyreto-Zydel conflict

Residing within the bounds of Fort Khirom, discussions abounded concerning extending assistance to the people of the neighboring nation, Ceyreto. Driven by his profession as a physician and guided by the principles of the Hippocratic Oath, Axel remained steadfast in his commitment to aiding anyone afflicted by injury or illness.

Axel Lionhart's dedication to his calling as a healer earned him a notable presence in several council gatherings, where his insights and expertise were valued contributions.

In Blackthorn

Upon the establishment of Zethortal, Axel Lionhart made a formal appeal to its builders, requesting the creation of a clinic tailored to his medical practice. This envisioned space would not only serve as his dedicated workplace but also function as a centralized hub to extend his healing services to the populace.

Diligently committed, Axel immerses himself in his clinic, dedicating each day to the pursuit of innovative methods to alleviate suffering and promote well-being within the Commonwealth and beyond. His tireless efforts encompass not only the local community but also extend to a global endeavor to enhance the health and vitality of individuals worldwide.

New beginnings in a familiar town

When Fort Khirom transitioned to the nation of The Rauthwauld Empire, Axel found himself thinking of leaving the town. He hesitated to be ungrateful to the man who had taken him in and provided him with a residence. However, even that very man assured Axel that his decision to relocate would not be a concern. After all, Axel had the freedom to choose his path, and the prince respected his autonomy, abstaining from compelling him to dwell in a town that no longer resonated as home—especially now that it was governed by a different nation. This new nation seemed to adhere to an ideology distinct from the one Axel was accustomed to. It was a nation that had even been in conflict with their previous alliance.

Axel conveyed his well-wishes to Prince Vartilian, and in return, the prince bestowed his blessings upon him and bid him farewell. Guided by the prince, Axel journeyed to Zethortal and took up residence in a clinic. There, he organized his belongings in the living quarters situated above the clinic. This space, once utilized for rest during his most demanding weeks, had now transformed into a true place of belonging—a home.