Thomas Scyteborn

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Councillor of Blackthorn
Thomas Scyteborn
BornBlackthorn, Valtara
ResidenceZethortal, Cw. of Blackthorn
Known forReligious leadership
Home townBlackthorn, Valtara
Height5ft 4 (164cm)
TitleCouncillor of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn

Thomas Scyteborn (also spelt Scyteborne and Scythorne in some records) is a Valtaran-born architect, politician, and the current Arbiter of the Sengerian Path. Currently, he resides in the town of Zethortal, the capital of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn.


Thomas was once a human with pale skin, brown hair, and a bushy beard. However, during his early adulthood, he was transformed into his current wolf form by fae-magic. In his wolf form, Thomas is described as brawny, moderately tall, and gray-furred with a fluffy tail. These days, he can often be seen wearing a dark green religious robe with a formal hood, as well as his tight-fitted gloves, which are traditional with Sengerian scripture.


Early Life

Thomas was born into a family with a lesser nobleman as his father and a peasant mother. During his formative years, he spent most of his time working behind a plow. Tragically, when he was only 16 years old, his father was executed for leading a peasant uprising against a royalist lord, which ultimately failed. Despite this devastating loss, Thomas would follow in his father's footsteps four years later, leading a peasant army against the same royalist lord who controlled the land. In exchange for his successful defeat of the opponent, Thomas received a promise from the king, a loyalist, that he would be granted a lordship. For the next decade, he spent his time fighting, earning a reputation for being both humble and honest, as well as cruel and coldhearted.

Valtara Era

During the Zydel-war, Thomas felt a strong sense of duty and immediately joined the town militia of Blackthorn. He fought valiantly in many skirmishes, bravely facing both Zydelian soldiers and mercenaries from atop the walls of Blackthorn. Unfortunately, he witnessed the devastating effects of war firsthand, including the tragic loss of friends and family members due to starvation and combat. Despite these challenges, Thomas remained steadfast in his commitment to protect his community and defend his home.

Following The Black March, which saw the removal of Gem Valtara from power, Thomas would, with fellow ministers Emilia Rivers and Sheriff Malakai, co-found the Order of the Black Rose. His hope was to preserve what was left of his once-thriving home. However, the siege of Blackthorn and its ultimate surrender left Thomas shattered. He was consumed by a deep-seated animosity towards those whom he held responsible for the tragic fate of Blackthorn - namely, the Valtaran royal family.

Zethortal Era and Spiritual Awakening

In the company of his esteemed friends and allies, he personally witnessed the unfortunate burning down of his ancestral home, Blackthorn, which left a deep impact on him and the rest of the inhabitants who were forced to relocate to the town of Zethortal. Despite his struggles after the war and the loss of his home, Thomas played an active role in the development of Zethortal, and later, the Commonwealth of Blackthorn. At an unknown point in time, Thomas experienced a spiritual awakening, which led him to share his unorthodox beliefs with the people of Zethortal. Gradually, his congregation grew, and today, The Sengarian Path is the predominant religion in both Zethortal and Taobh Locha.