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Image of Malakai
Known forParticipation in the Valtaran Civil War on the side of both the royalists and the loyalists, and creating the Valtaran legal code after the Valtaran Civil War.
TitleLord of Justice of Valtara

Malakai is a human male most known for his creation of The Valtaran Legal Code after the Valtaran Civil War.


Malakai is a 6´1" human with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. He has an athletic build due to his service to the recently ended civil war. He usually wears a brown fleece black boots and brown woollen pants held up by a bronze belt. When on military duty he wears a blue-dyed iron chestplate, boots, leggings, and holds his horse-shaped helmet under his arm which is also dyed blue. No matter the situation he always has an iron sword in its sheath to be prepared for any situation.


Early Life

There is little record of Malakai´s early life although what is known is that he was born into a minor nobility whose record was likely destroyed during the Valtaran Civil War

Pre-Valtaran Civil War

Just before the Valtaran Civil War broke out he was given the title of Lord of Justice of Valtara by King Enriq Valtara III

Valtaran Civil War

During the civil war he fought with the royalist side and helped raise Benicio Valtara while his father (Ignacio Valtara) was in battle. He was known for his fierce leadership and effective tactical maneuvers. Just before the last battle he decided to switched sides to the loyalists as he correctly believed they would win.

Post-Valtaran Civil War

Soon after Malakai turned 45, both Ignacio Valtara and king Enriq Valtara III perished on the battlefield. This caused peace talks between the royalists and the loyalists to ensue which led to peace in Valtara. Following the peace agreement, Malakai came to live in Blackthorn to help rebuild and reconstruct Valtara.

Current Day

Currently Malakai still lives in Blackthorn and he is working to help rebuild the city.


Lord of Justice of Valtara

Though Malakai mostly fought with the royalsits during the Valtaran Civil War, he was allowed to keep his title as Lord of Justice of Valtara